FRC Dashboard help

Okay so I modified a dashboard to contain a switch for the robot. So that when the switch is pressed it would light up on the screen. Now I have two questions.

  1. Why wont the switch Run on the Dashboard VI? (It runs using the Simple Digital Output Example)

  2. How do you get the Dashboard Vi to be used when the FRC PC Dashboard is opened with the Driver Station?

Thanks from Team 3059

Here’s the basic rundown you’ll need to do.

  1. Open the switch in
  2. Read the switch in either Teleop, Autonimous, or Pereodic, depending on when you want to gather information.
  3. Flatten to String and send your switch information to the Dashboard.
  4. In the Dashboard, Unflatten the data and wire the output to your boolean light. It’ll light when true, or when your button is pressed.

would it look like this:

code.bmp (1.36 MB)

code.bmp (1.36 MB)