FRC Deep Dive - 148 Robowranglers - Inside Look/AMA - Giveaways

They actually did the original rocker drive back in 2014 on their robot, “Vader.”

I am new to this so please don’t judge. How do you get picked for the giveaway?

You chat a certain “chat” in the twitch chat to enter the giveaways on twitch. The livestream starts at ~8:30pm EST tonight.

Thanks for all the questions everyone! We will try to get to as many as we can. If we don’t hit your question or you think of one you would like to ask, be sure to tune in at 8:30est and post your question in the chat and tag @firstuodatesnow.

Excited to talk to 148! See everyone at 8:30est!

Ok, thank you!

At certain times (in this case 3) during the stream there will be a keyword (single word or phrase) that you need to type in and will be entered. More people you have from your team watching live the better chance your team as to win :wink:

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Good to know! Will spread the word!

Starting with the show in a few minutes! Come join us with 148 and to win some crazy awesome giveaways!

Can there be a link to the scouting data form?

Could i get a copy of the 148 pact too?

Thanks for the good show last night, all! I have a follow-up question for 148 if it’s possible - on the show it was mentioned that a good chunk of 148’s fundraising comes from hosting VRC and VIQC tournaments. I’m curious, roughly how many of each you hold annually?

Thank you to 148 and everyone who tuned in last night!

If you didn’t hear, 148 is also providing giveaways through our Youtube channel starting with a 118/148 Deep Space Cowboys t-shirt (above)! Just look for any future video with the 148 intro and follow instructions to be entered!

If we didn’t have time to answer your question on air please post/repost below.

Youtube archives:

How 148 Robowranglers Operates

148 Robowranglers Prank War and Season Preparation

148 Robowranglers Trashed Their Practice Bot

148 Robowranglers D Row Hates Big Red w/ Audience AMA

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We are discussing this as a team right now. We are considering “cleaning up” the database and releasing it but it’s going to take a bit of time and effort. We are concerned that releasing it as is, would be difficult to understand exactly what it is you are looking at.

Keep a look out, and we will see what we can do.

The Pact:

We’re all teammates…

We all have the same goals.

We succeed and fail together.

If I need help, I promise to ask for help.

When I grow stronger, the team grows stronger.

I will always help my teammates.

When they grow stronger, the team grows stronger.

No one benefits from pretending they don’t need help.

…I won’t pretend.


Great question. Typically each year we do:

1 VRC League usually about 24 teams (Spread over 4 weeks, with 6 competition nights)
2 VIQC & 2 VRC Tournaments usually about 36-42 teams
2 VIQC & 1 VRC Inner District Event (Only teams from our district compete)

We also hosted VRC HS and MS State Championship for the past 6 years, but decided that it was time to let someone else take that over so we can focus more on our FRC District.

We work really hard to make these events profitable by offering pre-paid lunches, a reasonably priced concession stand, and donations for volunteer food from local restaurants. We also are able to utilize VEX fields from multiple campuses so we don’t have a high event cost. Our school also allows us to use the facilities at no charge so that helps a lot.

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