FRC Deep Dive - 254 Cheesy Poofs - Inside Look/AMA - Giveaways

Next Tuesday August 20th starting at 8:30pm eastern FRC Deep Dive is back with an unprecedented look and AMA with FRC 254 the Cheesy Poofs . You’ll get over an hour to find out what it takes to perform at the highest level of FIRST and also to ask questions!

You can submit questions ahead of time here on Chief Delphi or at our Discord in #frc-preshow-qa . We will get to as many questions as we can and typically those submitted ahead of time have a better chance of being asked as we have some time to organize these.

Oh and there will be 254 giveaways for those who watch live!

More to come but this will be live at

Edit: Thank you for those who tuned in live last night and to 254 for the incredible insight! If you didn’t have an opportunity to watch and/or you are interested in winning a 254 2019 T-shirt I have some good news for you!

The three segments from last night are now on FUN’s YouTube page. On each of the videos you can leave a comment of your favorite 254 robot to be entered to win a 254 2019 T-shirt. We’ll draw for a winner after the end of the month.

Inside Info on FRC 254 The Cheesy Poofs
Questions with FRC 254 The Cheesy Poofs Part 1
Questions with FRC 254 Cheesy Poofs Part 2

Please note you must be subscribed to the FUN YT channel (free) to be eligible.

Also we tried to get to as many questions as possible and even ran a while over to get these in. If your question wasn’t answered please post here and it looks like @Torrance may be responding.


Was that supposed to be August 20, or is this next month?


Next week, fixed. Thank you.

Question for the mentors - what are your top 5 flavors of Caprisun?


Question for the live stream what was your favorite and least favorite game

You only get one: corn dogs, mentor bacon or strategy brownies. Which do you pick?


How long would a pick list meeting be to pick between these options?


That’s so meta!

I have so many questions.


Just one question: Swerve?


Reading your build blogs, I am always surprised at how quickly many parts of your robot enter manufacturing+production, while a clear plan for more prototype-driven subsystems is often still weeks away. How do you plan ahead to ensure that the design and overall dimensions of “core” mechanisms like drivetrains and elevators don’t overly restrict your options with regards to design elements which are finalized much later in the process?

A specific example I’ll refer to: Your 2017 gear mechanism. It was very effective, and by my understanding, largely developed post-bag. It was also dramatically smaller than most other world-class gear systems, and severely space-constrained by your already-fabricated drivetrain and shooter. How did you determine that the geometric choices made in these mechanisms weren’t going to prevent you from figuring out a gear solution which could perform at the highest level?


How many hours does your driver practice before reigonals?
Can you talk about your build season schedule ? (When did you start to test your robot?)
Did you use previous years mechanism to build your 2018 or 2019 robot?(roller ,intake etc.)

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Dear 254,

How in the world did you get away with tiny drive train wheels in 2018 and 2019 without constantly getting stuck on the platforms?



Do you do field-relative positioning through non-linear state estimation?


NEOs next year?

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How does your team make important design decisions early on in the season? More interested in the process from prototyping all the way to the actual moment the team decides. Who makes those decisions? Is it a voting system? What happens when people disagree on the route the team should take? This is the part of the design process that I feel can make or break a team and I’m intrigued as to how you guys manage to make the right design decisions so consistently every year.


How do you come to a consensus in strategy sessions when you have so many experienced mentors? How do you handle it when there are different ideas/opinions? Mostly, how do you always churn out good decisions with so many decision makers? (I wasn’t around 2767 for the 2017 run).


254’s 2019 robot has been described as a literal dumpster fire, and I was wondering what were the most difficult parts of developing Backlash? In addition besides Backlash which season had the most tortured build season?

How is 254 planning to adjust their team practices with the removal of the bag in the 2020 season (if at all)?

What’s your favorite meme video 254 has put out? (Personal favorite is the Tem 254 Teh Chezy Pofs 2014)


254 almost always makes robots that are perfect for the game(or at least have a base for the perfect robot to iterate later- 2019 for example), do you have a special method for analyzing the game or do you just go off of experience?


From when future drivers walk in the door to when they are driving on einstein, what is the process like to choose them and train them? I’m mostly interested in your off season drive practice system, and how you train against defense.