FRC Deep Dive w/ 2056 OP Robotics - AMA Opportunity - Tuesday 8:30pm ET - Awesome Giveaways

Tuesday 8:30pm ET: FRC Deep Dive with Legendary 2056 OP Robotics and some awesome 2056 giveaways too! Learn the processes this team takes to help benefit your team. Want to ask 2056 a question to be read live on air? Post in here or live on the show!

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My question is how does 2056 promote a team culture that both gets students to love the competition and spirit of FIRST while also embracing the harder and less fun elements that happen between comps in the shop like training and practicing?

Basically, besides learning things like how to use a wrench and how to wire a few things, how does a complete rookie become a full fledged 2056 student?


How does a team like 2056 continue to recruit students, year after year, and how do they get these students to stick around?

how do they design such simple mechanisms

Thank you to all the questions we received. Between here, discord and social media we have a ton of great ones and we will get to as many as possible.

Show will start tonight at 8:30pm eastern. Awesome 2056 giveaways (above) if you are able to watch live!

About to start with FRC2056 in a few minutes! Come Join us at

Thank you to everyone who tuned in last night! We had an incredible show with a fantastic turnout.

If you didn’t get a chance to catch the incredible insight from FRC2056 OP Robotics we now have the segments up on YouTube!

FRC2056 OP Robotics - Inside Info on Success - FRC Deep Dive Ep.4
FRC2056 OP Robotics AMA Part 1 - Social Questions - FRC Deep Dive Ep.4
FRC2056 OP Robotics AMA Part 2 - Chat Questions - FRC Deep Dive Ep.4

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