FRC_default.hex PROBLEMS !!!

We’ve got a MPLAB IDE 6.63 package with MPLAB C18 Student Edition v.2.4 compiler with FrcCode2005v2.4 default project code.
We cannot - in any way - update a FRC_default.HEX file, though the compiler runs OK. Please help - we are stuck with it! :ahh: :ahh: :confused:

Erm, when you compile, the compiler makes a new file called FrcCode.hex every time you compile.
FRC_Default.hex is just the pre-compiled default code that they included in the zip file with the source code.
Are you getting errors?
If you don’t see a FrcCode.hex file after you’ve successfully compiled…something is wrong. If that is the case, try to find any weird lines in your output where MPLAB is compiling your code…and paste them here.
A lot of people (including me) would be willing to try and help.

Thank you a lot! …Finally, we’ve found the problems - there were two, and we treated them as follows:

  1. We disabled “Read-Only” attributes for all files in the project.
  2. Between build and download we entered 0x0800 as a start value for File->Export->Export hex files->Memory areas->Program memory->Start.
    Good luck,