[FRC Designs] 2014 Robot Reveal Video Playlist

Due to an overwhelming positive response last year, FRC Designs has created another Robot Reveal Video Playlist for this year. See the videos below by checking out the the direct link.

The video playlist will be updated as often as possible. Please reply to this thread if you see a team that is missing or would like to add one to the playlist! Thanks!

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Was wondering if you’d make another one. Here’s a bunch. The ones that are already in yours are at the top.

I’m assuming you’ll be adding all of the ones shown on reveal night as well?

Thanks for sharing your list! I will make sure to add them.

I do plan on adding the videos shown on the FRCTop25 Premiere Night as well!

We’re not on here, http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=126812&highlight=spectrum

Our video is up at: http://youtu.be/TU76Xct-mHY

3339 Video

The 2014 Robot Reveal playlist has been updated to include the robots from the FRCTop25 Premiere Night. We are up to 135 teams! Check it out below. Please reply if you do not see your team on the list.

2014 Robot Reveal Playlist (Click Here)

Team 2468’s reveal video was moved and the old version became private… Here is the new link!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey hey hey can you guys change my teams video (1466) to this one http://youtu.be/Ghjh-ryldbQ ] ? It has music to accompany it. :slight_smile: thanks!!

Here is Team 3015 Ranger Robotics Release Video to add to the playlist.

Can you add Team 2352’s video

Team 2352 Metal Mayhem 2014 Robot Reveal

Thank you to all teams that have submitted their reveal videos. The playlist has been updated.

There are now over 150 teams on the playlist!

2014 Robot Reveal Playlist (Click Here)

Not sure if “skystalker” really counts as a robot reveal.

From 2601 Steel Hawks,
I finally finished the video. Better late than never, here it is.

From MHR Cyborgs #1825,

We are proud to present… The Lobbit!!!
Please add our robot to the playlist!


Hi. You had our video on your playlist earlier and it is gone now. I was wondering what happened. If you could get us back on there soon, that would be great!

Here is time lapse video of 3824’s printed carbon fiber/plastic chassis. It takes about 3 hours to print.

I LOVE seeing all the creative designs on this thread! As a mentor to 3824 and engineer at ORNL, you FIRST kids rock. Come to the Smoky Mountain regional and we’ll get you into ORNL’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility which has all the latest and greatest in 3D printers (metal and polymer). FIRST kids get first dibs on our machines.

We’ll be at Nationals so please come see us.

Dr. Love