[FRC-Designs.com] 973 Design Article Poll

We were asked to write an article for FRC-Designs, but we’re really, really busy this summer and fall with everything we have planned already, so we would likely only be able to write one solid article.

To make it count, we would like your input.What would you guys like to hear about?

The intake drop down arm
Camera/ targeting code
How the drive team aimed in?

Just a few things

There’s plenty of papers out there about building swerve, but what about ways to practice using it effectively? What sort of drive practice do you put your drive team through?

The control side of emperor swerve…there are already a lot of CAD models of similar systems avaliable, not so much for code/operator interface/logic.

I’m not sure if this falls into the scope of FRC Designs (as FRC-Designs.com mostly deals with the physical designs), but I’d like to hear about some of 973’s strategic design process. How did 973 come up with using a rotating tower and CD7 intake? What was the process in choosing Swerve for this game?

Things like that. But anyway you slice it, whether it’s this stuff or not, I greatly look forward to reading this article. 973 continues to amaze me. I can’t wait!

To answer the easier questions so far;

Our turret was controlled by a PD loop and the codriver manually incremented the position. We wrote a little webpage that loaded the camera feed with a vertical line for targeting.

Our strategic design process is pretty poor, we like building cool stuff and making things fast/powerful/efficient/cool. There are teams MUCH, MUCH better at that. It’s our biggest weakness (and was probably a detriment to overall success) and what we will be focusing on most for next season.

A somewhat detailed description of our swerve code is in the Emperor Swerve Thread from fall.

(Based on a previous post of yours)

Why do you feel like abandoning Swerve drive next year in favor for a WCD? Were you unhappy with the swerve?

Ball management system. The intake, intermediate feed, and column feed. A description of the systems you talked about, why you chose the one you did, and teh development trials and tribulations.

Leeland - The layout and format of FRC Designs is on a trend of continuous improvement. If people would like to learn about something different about a certain design, I am more than willing to provide it!

Adam - Thanks for starting this thread. This is a great idea and I look forward to seeing what comes out of it!

Will you post the CAD to FRC designs?