FRC Director Blog Subscription

Is there currently a way to subscribe to Frank’s Blog or to Team Updates so that a person would get an e-mail or text update when either is released?

I think FRC Megaphone is fantastic and I want to extend a huge thank you to Zach for creating and sustaining it. Does our community have anything else that’s similar?

Thanks. Might be of interest. There’s a ton of RSS readers out there that might have the functionality you’re looking for.

If there is, I would love it :wink:

Ryan you essentially are my subscription! I always get the blog updates here!

I used to do this with google reader but often found that Ryan was faster FWIW.

The FRC Teams Twitter account is usually pretty good about tweeting when a blog is posted. I often see new blogs there before my RSS reader picks it up.

I do this, I even set up twitter to SMS me too since I don’t actually use twitter a lot.

I usually know about posts two hours before Ryan thanks to the SMS twitter notifcations, in some instances, a day or two.

Ryan, you are slippin like an un-tensioned chain. was created to aggregate them all (Chief, the Blog, the email archive, etc). Try it out and let me know what you think.

Nothing there.

That’s usually how I see it first (pun intended).