FRC Driver Issue

Hello, I am part of team 6922 of FRC Robotics.

I have a problem setting up my laptop to the FRC Driver station so it connects to the robot. I tryed connecting it through ethernet, printer cable, and even internet. Yet, the FRC driver station says “no robot communication,” We used a different laptop last year and now I want to set up a newer laptop to help the team. I even tried to to update the firmware with the RoboRIO, but there were some error (shown in the images below)

Please help, we need to show that the robot can perform actions.

Either you’re user does not have admin perms on that computer, or it is some ni thing and you should probably try to troubleshoot it through their website.

So how do I get those perms?

I will definitely go check it out on the NI website.

He means Administrator permissions within windows, if you aren’t the admin of the laptop/computer then you need to log into the admin account and give yourself admin privileges.

I am admin of the laptop, I am the owner.

Then I guess I will go and check the NI Website

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Right click and run the program as administrator.

You can also reboot the rio into safe mode. And then try.

One error there is about corrupt firmware. Have you tried re downloading the firmware? I’m not sure if that message is talking about the image on your computer or the one on your Rio.

Can you ping the rio?

So how do I download this firmware into the Rio?

Reimaging the rio with new firmware will erase any robot code that has been deployed. Are you familiar with deploying code?

Another question. Did you set your team number in the driver station software?

Yes, I am familiar with that.

I have not included our team number in the driver station, but I just did it. Will rebooting the rio from here work?


I think your best bet is to start here and work your way through the process…

Don’t stop at the end of that article. Keep going and eventually you will get there. For instance it appears that your firewalls are still on. They shouldn’t be.

By the end you’ll be a lot more familiar with the whole process.

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