FRC Driver Station not connecting to Roborio

Hello All!

I am having trouble connecting with my laptop to our team’s roboRio. It is running the latest firmware (as far as I know) and my laptop is running Windows 10 Pro with the firewall off. I was able to look at the web portal, and there is a connection I can ping to, it is just that the FRC driver station is blind to the robot.

I have tried some things that were listed on other forums, none that I have tried have worked.

If any of you can think of anything to try, I would appreciate it!


Did you deploy your code to the robot from the same computer? That will help determine if it’s the FRC Driver Station itself and not a network connectivity issue.

I assume you’ve set your team number in the driver station?

Does it work from another computer?

Does the team number on the rio web config page match the team number in the driver station?

You didn’t say how you were trying to connect, ie., USB/Ethernet/Wireless.

Make it simple, so as to prove out that it works at all. Connect the laptop to the roboRIO via USB, making sure that the team number is configured properly in the Driver Station. This will give a connection where you aren’t having to configure anything regarding IPs and such.

This will also be a good time to open the roboRIO imaging tool and make sure that the firmware is recent (6.x), the FRC image on it is current (v14), and the team number is correct.

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We are communicating via USB, the team number is correct, and we can deploy code to the roboRio from the computer (using VSC)

This may sound silly but… have you tried turning it off and on again?

Another thing to try is to see what the DriverStation status page (the one with all of (hopefully green) the indicators). Next thing I would do is to click on the dropdown arrow next to the team number in the driver station and see what content is in the dropdown.

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That’s not silly at all! We have tried restarting the laptop, as well as the roboRio, and when I get the chance I will try going to the status page.


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This has happened to me before.

First of all what was it that led you to believe that the driver station is blind to the robot? Just asking cause I’ve seen people jump to that conclusion without that actually being true…(I’ve done it :hugs:).

Also just wondering, when you go the main tab of driver station, is the Comm light, robot code light, and joystick light all not coming on? Are you unable to get the joystick light on that means that laptops ports might be having an issue (seen it happen)

If you can see green joystick lights on the driver station but comm and code are red, check the robo Rio comm light

Not even on? Odds are you wired something wrong (we’ve done this before) or something went wrong the roborio firmware.

Try connecting to the Rio with a USB , I want to say type B?, cable via the Phoenix tuner flashing the roboRio and resetting the firmware.

If it’s another color or the above doesn’t work just post back here.

The firmware is updated and it works when connected to another computer. The wiring should be right. We have been using USB type B the whole time. We’ve written to it and we have pinged to it, but the driver station just doesn’t like us.

In the team number box, try typing and see what happens. This will force the driver station to try to connect to this address.

I highly suggest connecting via Ethernet. its the way I’ve always done it to transfer code, and test the robot. if you wish to make the robot wireless, you need to plug the roborio to the radio, and setup the radio with the proper team number. once you do that, you’ll need to connect to that radio via WiFi, and input your team number in the driver station. once you do that, you can send code through the radio to the robot wirelessly, and drive the robot wirelessly.

is your laptop and the other laptops Frc Driver station the same ?

Ok, so, I just recently had a problem with the FRC Driver Station, where on the roborio, it had Green Power, Orange RSL, and red Comms. The Driver Station said everything was good, but there was no robot code. To fix that, connect via PRINTER cable. DO NOT FORMAT VIA ETHERNET CABLE. It will just cause issues. I suggest that you boot the roborio into safe mode (This link will tell you how to boot into Safe Mode.) and reformat the roborio, and update the firmware. if that does not work, let me know and I’ll gladly try to help you

(Edit: I don’t really know if there is a difference in driver stations, as i just used a 4 year old driver station yesterday)

I think of something completely different when you say printer cable. I must be old. Specifically, a USB A-B cable is what should be used to reimage a roborio, and yes they are often used with printers these days.

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Yeah I’ve always been told they’re printer cables, even though I see them used on various other things.

Many times they are sold with “USB Printer Cable” being the primary text on the package, mostly due to that being the overwhelming use of the B connector (heard drives were another one).

To me a printer cable is parallel, 25-pin on the computer end and 36-pin Centronics on the printer end, and most likely an IEEE 1284 spec’d one. I still get shudders from trying to explain to someone the difference between the $4 and $30 cables when I sold computers/printers in the early 90’s…and the look on their face when they had to come back to get the more expensive one because the printer wasn’t working with the cheap one and the manual (and the box as well) said to only use an IEEE 1284 spec’d cable.


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