FRC Driverstation Button Mapping

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Does the FRC Driverstation only support 16 button inputs from any given joystick? We recently purchased a Joystick with 20 buttons yet the FRC Driverstation only seems to recognize 16 of them. Unfortunately, the 4 untracked buttons were in the most important locations, while 11 of the 16 tracked we don’t need. Is there any way to change the order of buttons recognized on the FRC Driverstation?

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Which game pad did you get? A lot of times the ones with “extra buttons” need custom drivers / firmware to use them, and they just map to other buttons.

If that’s the case I highly recommend not using them unless you have a couple of spares already configured. I’ve seen teams lose matches because they had to swap a regular x-box controller at the last minute, and lost their custom button mappings.

I would tend to think it’s what nuclearned said, since other people have tested the DS with more buttons.

That thread is locked but one of my favorite facts about the DS protocol is that the POV hat values are the only values sent at 16 bits even though they only support like 3 or 4 bits of info because it’s 8 or 9 directions to account for. It’s delightfully funny to me. We did a lot of experiments to sort that out.

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I have seen this controller a lot recently. I saw it on ~10 teams at Michigan State Championships, and I know more teams are looking at it for this season. It’s also really easy to put labels on it to mark what the buttons do.
Logitech G Farm Simulator Side Panel Control Deck

We bought one, but it hasn’t made it out of the box yet. I’m curious how it all connects (how many buttons vs analog inputs).

We have used that “farm controller” for about 5 years. Very convenient.

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