FRC Dynasties Evaluation

Hello everyone, I like to order FRC history by not only winners but also by dynasties. I see the major one as 1114 from 2008-2015, 177 from 2006-2011, 254 from 2011-, 1678 from 2013-, and 71 from 1997-2005. Any others you can think of? Thank you in advance.

@Caleb_Sykes has a pretty fantastic spreadsheet that allows you to evaluate this by specified year ranges. I’ll see if I can dig it up and edit it into my post.

EDIT: Found it!

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Thank you, @Caleb_Sykes does a PHENOMENAL job with his work and I do keep that in consideration, I’d preferably want to know some user input on what others think. Do you have any?



Wildstang comes to mind in the mid 2000s til about 2012. I did a cursory look over their wins in that range and it includes two world championships and a slew of other blue banners.

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3 world champs*

I can’t for the life of me find the third in the mid 2000s-2012. I see 2009 and 2011, which other one am I missing?

Their 2003 win is kinda mid-2000s, though I’m not exactly qualified to determine where the dividing line for that decade should be.

Oh, makes sense. I certainly wasn’t trying to take away from their success in those years; I didn’t even look before 2005. I’d toss 2003 in there, 3 world championships in 8 years is pretty insane all things considered. I feel equally unqualified to determine the line.

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I like to see this as, for instance, 71 has won 4 championships and 1114 was top OPR forever. You need more of personal stories as well. For those of you who didn’t know, 111 and 254 became world finalist in 2001 and then won in 2011, the only other instance that I know of is 1678 and 118 won in 2015 and were finalist in 2017

Others to consider:
175 Buzz - First Einstein dynasty 2003-2005
233 Pink Team - Probably the best Einstein record without a championship, I want to say 2006-2010 is the right time frame.
217 Thunderchickens - Most Division wins by any team. 2005-2011 they were in the mix every year.

These were teams in the mix during the time period where about 12 teams dominated Einstein appearances and when there were far fewer slots every year.

I posted on this dominance in this post back in 2014 prior to the field expansion.

.02% is way too low. 100/5000 is more like 2%.

254’s dynasty needs to go earlier, at least at the regional level. They cropped up on Einstein in 2005 (finalist) but winning SVR means either being with or beating the Poofs.

Yes, what would also entail that 2056 has had a dynasty since 2009 correct?

When was 2056’s rookie year again? Let’s just start there. The news that they had lost a regional made an entire West Coast regional gasp in 2016, as that was the FIRST TIME EVER they hadn’t won a regional.

Now, if we’re talking only Championships… 71’s last CMP win was 2004; they were finalists in 2007.

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What I find interesting is that 71 got many division/world finalists after 2004 and 254 got many before their first

“Many”? Uh…

71 has 3 of those after '04. '07 Einstein finalist, 2011 Curie finalist, 2018 Carson finalist.
254 has 3 Einstein appearances before they first won: Finalists in '01 and '05, appearance in '10.

I’m not sure I’d call 3 in 10+ years “many”, particularly in 71’s case.

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