FRC E&E Video Challenge, sponsored by AndyMark

“We blew up the D-Link!”
“Where does this robot signal light plug in? aaargh!”
“That inspector told us to insulate that stupid little lug. What is his problem?”
“Yeah, we need to practice our auto-mode, but we have not passed this stupid inspection yet.”

Does this sound like your team? Or, maybe the team next to you in the pits? This happens too often at FRC events.

We are proud to announce the chance for FRC teams to win $600 in prizes for winners in the FRC E&E Video Challenge, sponsored by AndyMark.

Sure, there are controls system documents on the FIRST site and here on But, where are the video tutorials? There are presentations floating around, but I have never seen a very clear, basic, tutorial video showing how an FRC robot should be wired up.

So, those of us at AndyMark have been listening to frustrated FRC teams. There is a need to make these tutorial videos. For more information regarding this contest happening this month, ending on April 11th, see this page for more information.

Please post questions here. (but first, read more details at the link above)

Let’s see those videos!

Andy Baker

  • 1st place: $300 worth of AndyMark in-store credit, and three AndyMark hoodies
  • 2nd place: $200 worth of AndyMark in-store credit, and two AndyMark hoodies
  • 3rd place: $100 worth of AndyMark in-store credit, and one AndyMark hoodie

According to the new math, that’s $600, not $500…but I’m not complaining.

AndyMark hoodies sound cool…

So all vidoes must be submitted before April 11th, but when does the contest actually start?

Since the winner is based on number of views, the sooner it is published, the better?

Or will a requirement be to reset all views/make it a private video prior to the 11th?

Great idea! Thank you, AndyMark. I hope you have a real super duper challenge on your hands, judging all the videos that are submitted!


You are correct, the sooner, the better is good. You can start now, as the contest started last night, when I made this post a bit after midnight.