FRC Embedded System Documentation Tool - 2022 Edition

Hello everyone, and happy kickoff!

Here is an introduction to a tool that I’ve developed for maintaining documentation of your electrical system. This has been used for the past 3 years by my teams and we’ve really liked it.


This document can be used to help your team document your embedded system, aka what things are plugged in, where are they, and what CAN ID did you give them? We primarily use it to make sure the electrical and programming students are on the same page throughout the design cycle. Most fields have dropdowns where you can select what device/controller/fuse is in that slot.

You can configure what options are in the dropdown using the ‘Options’ sheet as well, configure for what devices your team uses!

There are different versions for the PDP and the PDH, feel free to remove/hide whichever you don’t need. There’s also a sheet that can be used to document control schemes on controllers, I plan on developing that a bit more for 2023 but you may find it helpful.

Best of luck teams!


Ok, yup, forwarding this to my other mentors right now! This looks like a great resource, and will be even more valuable to us this year considering a good chunk of our build season will be done virtually. As you mentioned, this should help considerably when trying to keep electrical and programming on the same page, along with keeps track of CAN ID’s in an easily accessible and visual way.

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Was just talking with our electrical and programming leads last night about something like this. Great timing and much appreciated!!

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This is incredible. Thank you for sharing this.


Yeah! That’s mostly what we use it for, reduces headaches for the programmers, and helps me electrically debug the system a bit easier (which is especially helpful with a mess of a star topology bot)

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Awesome! Can you add a page for documenting firmware versions of different controllers / stuff like the Rio?

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Great idea, I’ll add it to my list of stuff to add :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome! Can you add a page for pneumatics as well?


Pneumatics Hub has been added! I’ll try and add a version for the CTRE Pneumatics controller later as well


There was a team out there that made a xcel sheet about incident reports (non-safety related). Kinda like what went wrong and how they fixed it. If anyone knows where that is, It’d be an awesome addition to this.

Is it possible to add the PCM, possibly RIO, and the REV MPM?

I tried adding a rio page in a similar style, take a look.
The options lists aren’t expansive atm bc i was trying to adapt this for my team and just added what i remember using (And deleted pdp page).


This is awesome. Definitely going to use next year

Really liked your documentation sheet. I decided to add the REV MPM (@TFM110). I have also incorporated the Roborio form @phoenix22. I would like to keep adding to the google sheet so leave your suggestions.

I want to add a firmware version tracking sheet but not sure what a good format for that would be (@mdurrani834). I would like to make some summary pages that pull the data from the respective pages and just make a large table (Maybe have a dedicated CAN table). Once you have this table it would then be possible to make “snapshots” of the hardware configurations and tie them directly to a firmware version.

I like the idea of incident reports @jedgar6 but not sure if that would fit into the use case of this embedded documentation spreadsheet. If you find it I can defiantly take a look.


Love the addition you made. I still feel like the PDP should be kept on the sheet as teams still use it. And for the same reason, I would add the PCM and possibly the VRM. I know pre REV Control system, the VRM was mainly used to power the Radio but I have seen teams use it to power other devices such as LED rings and a Network Switch.

I think after incorporating the PCM and VRM, you would have all electronic components teams use!

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OP here, excited that this side project of mine has perked back up into CD relevance. I think what I’ll do is in Fall try and release a yearly template taking in as many community suggestions as I can to make sure that this tool stays relevant and helpful. I originally made this before the REV system came out, and I keep the CTRE stuff in my template specifically because I still teach both systems at my training events, I help teams with a lot of different preferences and resources. I love how folks have been posting what their teams have done with this here, and I look forward to combing back through everything after champs are finished :grin:


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