FRC eSports Tournament as Outreach Event - Fall 2023

Hello everyone, I had an idea to make a local eSports tournament within my team, and seems like many people liked that idea, but a lot of people don’t play any games at all. And I thought “Why dont we invite other teams? Thats a win-win for everyone. This is going to be the greatest outreach event for everyone!” Initially, I built the idea for a local tournament, but I changed my pans/ideas accordingly.

Tournament should happen during Fall and/or Winter of 2023 as an outreach event. Basically my idea is to play 5v5 competitive game called CSGO, with 5 main players, 2 subs and 1 coach for each team.

  • Every game will be played online, except maybe final game

  • The whole tournament will be livestreamed online(Probably Twitch)

  • We can do 8, 16, 32, and 64 team tournament(Depends on level of interest)

  • Marketing teams may want to collaborate for this event

  • Tournament format will be the same as for FRC Tournament, which is Double Elimination

  • Prize pool is not yet established, and I would appreciate if you help me out here

Why Participate?

  • Team Bonding - eSports tournaments provide an opportunity for team members to bond and build camaraderie outside of robotics competitions.
  • Skill Development - Participating in eSports can help team members develop skills such as communication, strategy, and quick decision-making.
  • Brand Awareness - Participating in an eSports tournament can increase the visibility and recognition of the team’s brand among a wider audience.
  • Wider Audience - Participation in eSports tournaments can attract new members to the team who are interested in both robotics and gaming.
  • Networking - eSports tournaments provide an opportunity to meet and network with other teams, sponsors, and industry professionals.
  • Fun and Engagement - Participating in eSports tournaments can be a fun and engaging way to break up the monotony of robotics competitions and keep team members motivated and engaged.
  • Potential Sponsors - Participating in eSports tournaments can attract the attention of potential sponsors who are interested in supporting teams that are involved in multiple things, not just robotics, providing additional funding and resources for the team.
  • Fundraising - Participating in eSports tournaments can be a way to raise funds for the team through entry fees, sponsorships, and prize money.
  • Community Outreach - Participating in eSports tournaments can help the team connect with the larger gaming and eSports community, which can help to increase awareness and support for robotics competitions.
  • Skill Sharing - Participating in eSports tournaments can provide an opportunity for team members to share their skills and knowledge with other teams, promoting collaboration and innovation.

Are you interested in participating?

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Sign up link is working now, anyone can edit it.

Valorant tourney better



FGL :fire: Also, crazy how that acronym is four levels deep. Whoa.

Don’t forget…there is a possibility for eSports scholarships…which is great for Seniors.


Is there a deadline to sign up or minimum number of participants from each team? I will definitely mention it to our team. We also have a student who will be graduating this year but will probably stay on as a mentor through college, would they be eligible to play?


Hello, there is no strict deadline. We’re still looking if other teams are interested.

But it would be perfect to do it before summer begins.

Will there be a way to LFT?

Hey Matthew here, seeing as how cs2 is coming out this summer, will we be that game instead or have you not decided what we’re playing yet?
Either way I’ll most likely play in the tournament or at least help with the outreach portion
If you are doing it, I’m in

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We will switch from CSGO to CS2 if it becomes available for public play this summer.

Until then, we will stick with CSGO.

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