FRC Events Geoguessr

Inspired by some of the comments in the Rapid React Teaser - Episode 3 thread, I decided to make a custom Geoguessr map featuring all the event venues for 2022.

2022 Offical FRC Events Map

A few notes:

  • Only official FRC events were included (no off-season invitationals)

  • Venues that host more than one event only appear once

  • The CHS District events with venue TBD will be added later

  • I tried to get as close to the venue as possible, but in some cases I had to settle for “close enough.” In those cases I tried to find another landmark nearby that would be a helpful clue.

  • If I have one that is clearly wrong let me know and I can fix it.


I thought about doing one of these for a while as it would be fun to stream. I don’t know what the rules are to doing this but I gave it a shot, used the internet and got 25k pts.


Thanks for a fun game.

did I just play this when I should’ve been doing homework? Absolutely. I still argue U Cal being in Pennsylvania is unfair, and MHS with a panther sign should be one of the MHS’s with a panther mascot, not one with a rocket mascot… maybe that’s juts me. Also there’s apparently TWO Athen’s High School’s in Michigan which is very sad.

Good thing most FRC events are at colleges that like to plaster their name across every building… The last one tripped me up though, I had a hard time figuring out which state it was in for a while.

A shame GeoGuessr went and made itself paywalled, this one was fun.


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