FRC Everywhere!

Hello! My name is Kyle or Mytra and I have decided to make a little challenge for everyone here. I want to see the most interesting and cool (digital or physical) places your FRC robot (or a robot that your team has created) has been such as Team 7200 having a robot used as a hockey goalie

If you would like to know where my teams robot has been, my teams robot has been turned into letter art and put onto my personal website! (it also spins!)
(i know its hard to see but its a everybot remix)
I am excited to hear what you guys have been doing when it comes to your guys robot(s) in this offseason!

Oh wow, ASCII art. That takes me back. “Curse you Red Baron!

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This thread from 2014 outlines some pretty cool FRC robot cameos in major film and television.

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