FRC Fantasy League Team Beta

Testing out the possible FRC Fantasy League, with a Beta set up. Seeing if this is something that would have support, gain some traction, and get more teams invested in watching the different tournaments.

Focused on 32 teams this year (Looking to expand if it goes well)

Choose 5 FRC Teams each week, and watch them on the Live Streams. Points, Alliance Selection, and Awards taken from

Qualification Match Points - How many points earned by the full alliance (This is where a majority of the points will come from

Alliance Selection - Top 8 Alliance Captains will get the most and then teams picked for finals will get descending points

Finals Match Points - Same as Qualification Match Points, but the more round the team stay in, the more points they can get!

Team Awards - 50pts per Award the team wins along with 100pts for being part of the winning alliance and 100pts for winning Chairman’s

FRC Top 25 Points - 1st place gets 50pt, 2nd place gets 48pt, 3rd place get 46pts and so on…

So give it a shot and join up and help test the a fantasy league beta for FRC.

This seems like a great way to increase livestream viewers for different events.

Also, may I ask why is it a pick 5 instead of 3. Three makes sense since it is the typical alliance.
Maybe even 4 to replicate championships.

P.S. If it seems like I am spouting nonsense it is because I have barely any knowledge involving fantasy leagues.

It is standard to pick about 5 for a season/week. I went back and forth between 3 and 5 for a bit. Decided to go with 5 to just test it out this year, and make sure everything else works. And with 32 teams to choose from I wanted more picks each week rather than just the 3.

Thanks for the support, I hope this increases the views for different events as well.

Neat. Just joined. Why the limited number of teams?

Right now limits to 32 players/teams unless you contact them. I figured 32 teams was enough to run a beta, and I could keep up with the scores at the end of each week.

If things go well, I will look at adding more teams the next year.

We actually have a massive league on CD found here.

We’ve got a scoring format and everything going, and already drafted teams before the season started. However, if you’ve got a site made up for it, it might make it easier for us to host our league on there.

I’ve done FF before and it was a huge time commitment. A little thing like this is certainly easier to deal with.

If anyone wants a week-by-week guide to who’s playing from the available teams, here’s a little spreadsheet. Let me know if you notice any mistakes.

I knew there were a few floating around on CD, just looking at make your own sites right now online for the beta this year to gauge interest in an online/web based fantasy league. Right now there are some limitations. Hoping to expand for next year to include more teams and options and more standardize scoring (set to the FIRST District Standards)

So right now, it is deff a beta to gather info in hopes to expand next year.

LOVE the Spreadsheet! That was next on my list! Thank you for saving me some time!

3? Or 5?

It is 5. I was going back and forth between the two, forgot to take the pick 3 out of there.

So 5 Teams each week.

How much points is alliance captain vs 1st and 2nd picks?

Also interested in this. I prefer FF scoring in this regard because it doesn’t have to deal with the problem of alliance captains picking #2-8 seeds.

Alliance Capt Points
1st - 100 pts
2nd - 95 pts
3rd - 90 pts

8th - 65 pts

Alliance Picks
1st Pick - 100 pts
2nd Pick - 95 pts

16th Pick - 25 pts

Week 1 Teams will lock tonight at 9:00 pm EST.

Make sure to get your teams picked in the next 5 hours!

This should be interesting. I’m signed up. “Tem Temwerk” here we go.

I’d love to join, but when I try to a page comes up saying “To Continue…” and I have to choose Facebook, Twitter, etc. When I do, the same page just reloads. Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks.

EDIT - fixed!

Week 1 picks are locked!

Good Luck to all!

Could you guys open for a sec so I could pick my teams. I just found this.

Do to many overnight additions, the team picks will be open until 8pm tonight.