FRC Field 2016 Download

Here are the links to A360 for the Autodesk Inventor and STEP format files for the FRC field 2016.

FRC Field 2016
FRC Field STEP 2016

Autodesk Inventor

  1. All the parts are grounded in the main assembly. The game allows for the field to be changed, so remove the grounded status from any structures and then move to a new location adding constraints or grounding as required.


  1. The parts will not be grounded when you open the file. When I open a STEP file I ground the parts to get started.

Please let me know if the download works OK. I have tested it and worked for me.

All the best for 2016.

Download works fine for me. Thank you for doing this Phil. Much appreciated!

Can you email me at to follow up on the R3 update question.


When converting either file to solidworks, it either completely breaks or creates spheres where objects are supposed to be. Can someone convert to solidworks and post a download?

Are you opening the STEP file in SW?

I am opening the step file in SolidWorks, as well as trying to open the Autodesk file and converting it, no luck either way.

OK. Let me try a couple of different work flows and I will get back to you.

Ok, thanks!

For reference, this is what opens when I open the STEP file.

Not even close!

Hello Phil,

Is there any word about when the 2016 KOP CAD will be out? We specifically need am14U3 so we can start to play with it.


Glad you asked. Currently uploading!! Check within an hour or 2 for the download link. I will probably start a new thread.

Not sure what CAD program you are using, but here is the link to SolidWorks KOP files.


If you still need the field model try these formats. One is IGES and the other is STL

Thanks for doing this!

For what it’s worth, the STEP file imported fine for me in SolidWorks 2015 (which I think is analogous to the student version for 2015/16).

Here’s a view from the middle driver’s station (using the camera and perspective):

Thank You, Greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much! It finally works.

For what it’s worth, the Inventor format listed is the 2016 version of Inventor, which isn’t backwards compatible with 2015. 2015 is what we have on our school computers.

The STEP import is working fine for me, and even comes through with proper color. So I’ll work to upload the 2015 Inventor version of the field to my GrabCAD tonight, then publish it so it’s available at our team CAD library link in my signature.

Edit - turns out the upload was pretty quick - Direct Link

These appear to be Inventor 2016 files, my team chose not to upgrade this year - can you save as 2015?

You have to use the STEP version, because Inventor 2016 doesn’t have the option to export Inventor 2015-compatible files.

I opened the STEP file in SW 2015-16 Student Edition. Some minor face and gap errors, but I think all the critical parts are OK. I put the SW files on GrabCAD. I renamed the game specific assemblies from their drawing numbers to their names in the Game Manual so that they are easier to identify in the feature manager. I also created a new assembly of the tower and batter.

Phil, mucho mahalo for the STEP file!