FRC field fabricator (Alternative to AM field)

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696 is looking to buy a full field for the 2023 season, but the one on AndyMark has a lead time of around 8 months or so as of today. Does anyone know of alternative sources or fabricators for full fields?

Six weeks (including holidays) may be a tight turnaround for anyone fabricating a field to HQ’s original drawings. (The AndyMark field uses custom extrusions that aren’t commercially available.)

Have you considered building the wood field perimeter? That would get you through 2023 just fine (the one TechnoKats built saw at least a decade of use, including multiple trips to Indy as the IRI practice field), and if you still wanted the metal one you could either wheel and deal on this one or dismantle it and have plenty of wood for other projects.

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How close to the actual field are you trying to get?

We have an alternative design for a field perimeter that’s a combination of wood and steel that has served us well.

It doesn’t have fancy gates and diamond plate driver stations but it gets the job done.

PM me and we can talk more if you’re interested.

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Nothing helpful to contribute, just excited to hear about another full field potentially popping up in the LA area. Not to assume it’ll be open to the public or anything, but…


Technically speaking, the plans for the official (Non-AM) field perimeter are published by FIRST (or, at least the assembly drawings are). There’s nothing technically stopping you (and I doubt FIRST would care) from taking them to any local fab shop and getting them to build you one, assuming you can get all the raw stock/materials.

The nice thing is that none of the individual components of the field are particularly complex, there’s just a lot of them, so there should be a fair number of fab shops with the equipment to make them. That said, I would also expect that a field built this way would likely be quite a bit more expensive than the AM field, but if you want it fast, that might be your best option.

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This thread from 2019 goes into some other options team’s have tried: FRC Field Plans

As someone who just bought a full field perimeter, I’ll walk you through our process:

With our new facility currently under construction, I spent some time looking into field vendor options. I called the vendor on this doc, Bri Weld, but the person I spoke with there told me they don’t make them anymore.

I really like the robustness of the FIRST field, so I asked 254 about their experience taking the FIRST drawings and having a Bay Area shop make their field border. I don’t want to speak for them, but what I took away from the conversation was a decent amount of hassle fixing/re-interpreting the official drawings from FIRST, and likely wasn’t worth the headache of trying to replicate that effort.

So that left us with either making something homegrown or purchasing the AndyMark field. Partly because this is a small portion of a larger PO, and partly so we’d have the consistency and future support, we elected to purchase the AndyMark Field Border. AndyMark FRC Field Perimeter - AndyMark, Inc

Even though the lead time is a bummer, I’ve been really happy with the support from AndyMark staff in getting this order through, including dealing with a bunch of hassle related to our district’s purchasing process. Glad our order is in the queue and looking forward to taking some pictures of our AndyMark field in our new robotics building sometime in 2023!




I did a bottom-up cost estimate for the materials only (no labor) for QTY 1 side border (no alliance walls) in May 2022. The total was approx $2k.


Hi all, thank you for all the replies!

696 decided to go with Andy Mark’s field and are going to opt for a temporary driver station solution with no barriers for the 2023 szn. Most likely, the team will weld some steel box tubes + sheet metal, and attach a polycarb barrier to mimic the AM driver stations for now.

@Michael_Corsetto Thank you especially for throwing in all that good info; it make things considerably more clear when weighing out our decision.


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