FRC field for Midwest off-season events


For the past few years, the great people at Team Ford FIRST have coordinated the use of a FRC field for the use at off-season events in the midwest. Joseph Turkes led this effort, and did an outstanding job in making sure the field was ready for the Kettering Kickoff, IRI, Team Ford FIRST competition, and other events.

This year, Joseph and the guys at Team Ford FIRST have decided not to coordinate this field usage. FIRST has asked Mark Koors and I if we would want to do this task from here in Indiana. We have accepted.

Our goal is to provide a field for the 2007 summer and fall off-season events in the midwest. Events will be able to use this field, and we will charge them a fee that will simply cover the costs included. All of these costs have not been worked out yet, but most is shipping. Shipping costs for the trip from and to Manchester will be shared by all events. Shipping to each event will be paid for by that event.

If you are conducting an off-season event in the midwest (or thereabouts), and you want to use this field, please contact me through a PM. Then, I will provide more information.

Currently, this field will be used at these events:

Committed events:

July 20-21

Michigan Advanced Robotics Competition (MARC)
Monroe, Michigan
August 17-18

Grand Rapids, Michigan
August 25th

Kettering Kickoff
Flint, Michigan
September 22nd

Team Ford FIRST Robotics Invitational
Sterling Heights, Michigan
October 6th

Ra Cha Cha Ruckus
Rochester, NY
November 3rd

Possible events:

Indianapolis: July 7th or Oct. 20th

Again, if you wish to use this field for an event, please contact me.

Andy Baker