FRC Field Plans

Hey I am looking for plans for the FRC field, as in the walls and drivers station. Any one know where i can find ONLY the field plans not game specific?

This page of archived PDFs may help.
Here isn’t really a “field only” document, but there are files with dimensions of the field layout year to year.

I recall finding a document on laying out carpet, how much carpet tape to use, etc., but cannot find it now.

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Are you looking for the official plans, or the DIY plans?
I don’t think there are any official plans anywhere outside of the field CAD, but there’s a DIY field construction plans that andymark posted in 2008 that have some issues but led our team in the right direction.
I can probably hunt down the link to the andymark one if desired.

You mean this link, correct?

Speaking from experience, the walls are solid but you may want to eventually move from the wire driver’s station to something more solid (though it is helpful to be able to talk through the “glass”), and be aware that the gate pieces will probably need some replacing after a few years. Just some quick notes from using a border built around 2008 or so that’s still in VERY active service today (and tomorrow–Fall Classic Day 2).

Or if you have some (large wads of) cash lying around, you could just buy a field border from AndyMark. This one is actually competition-legal; however, it’s not identical to the usual FRC border.


The links above from SenorZ and EricH are pretty much what you’re going to find. The basic field size and borders don’t really change from year to year, so any of the recent field CADs or even the field drawings from recent game manuals will tell you what you need to know about those. The basic drivers station layout also doesn’t change much for the individual drivers stations, though the layout of the drivers station walls as a whole does change quite a bit to adapt to the game each year. That’s trickier if you’re trying to set up a practice field, for instance, so building individual units for drivers stations that can be moved around and supplemented with other sections of wall is probably a good idea. Anything beyond that is game specific, so there are no generic plans. If you told us what you’re trying to do, we could probably give you better advice.

I’m looking for the DIY plans

You can buy an actual FRC Field boarder and drivers station from Bri-Weld Industries, and the associated plastic from Plastic Supply LLC. Details on that are HERE, and prices should still be correct (even though dates are old).

As for building your own, don’t, it’s really not worth it. Even to do it out of wood will cost a couple thousand dollars, which I’m sure you could find a better use for. Find a sponsor(s) to buy your team, or a group of teams a real field and don’t worry about having to fix or replace it yearly.

AndyMark also sells a field border. I’m not sure why there seems to be a bit of a cost difference between the two (about $1500), though AM may just have a more updated price.

I don’t think the FRC field includes shipping crates, and it definitely doesn’t include installed plastic. For an extra $1500 (or about 6% of the overall price), that’s actually a pretty good deal.


I disagree with Dez, if you have the space for a field then build it and save $18K over the official field . When the time comes and a driver or students damages the field, it hurts less when it cost less than $2k. Plus the kids take care of it more when they know they will have to fix it if they don’t.
We were able to build the skills of out wood and metal fabrication sub-teams by building out full field. Plus it let’s us invite local teams for scrimmages and fun events.

Yeah that price doesn’t include the road cases, which the AM field does, and I’m sure the price in the document DEZ posted is no longer valid 5 years later.

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The price in the doc I linked was still valid a couple months back.

Here’s the wood perimeter we built in 2016. It’s pretty beefy and cheaper than metal and lexan, especially if you can get some or all of the material and labour donated.
C16F-002-driver wall 2016.PDF (175.0 KB) C16F-003-wall section.PDF (400.1 KB) C16F-001-barefield.PDF (148.5 KB) C16F-007-door.PDF (383.7 KB) C16F-005-doorwall.PDF (201.0 KB) C16F-006-doorframe.PDF (72.3 KB)


Aluminum and plastic prices have gone up drastically since 2014. Be prepared for sticker shock. As you can see from the price break down, you can save a lot on labor if you do it yourself, but it is a lot of labor and you need a good welder.

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Last year, we built a field perimeter after finally retiring the all wood version we had for a couple years that was falling apart.

Pictured is our steel frame perimeter. We had a sponsor cut the support gussets seen below.

The top accepts a 1.5"x1.5" square tube. These were welded in 8 foot sections that are bolted together, or to future field elements, using the hole pattern seen. We welded, primed, and painted the steel frame. We then skinned the field with polyurethane coated plywood to try and mimic the CoF of the plastic field border without the cost. It’s worked very well for us. I can provide the CAD of the gussets or field if anyone is interested.


The AndyMark field is constructed quite differently than the official FIRST field and, IMHO, is inferior. The gate, for example, seems to be much more fiddly to operate.

I’m going to have to disagree.

It’s constructed differently, yes.

But the gates are annoying on both, AND I’m going to say this only once, the field panels on the AM field are NOT going to come off with a hard enough hit, which is a frequent concern on the FIRST-built fields because they tie them on with zipties.


I do feel like FIRST can’t constantly use the same field, but for now, it seems very constant (i believe since 2015). As mentioned before you can purchase the entire perimeter and driver station on Andymark.

Here is the link:

And yes I have helped construct a field for a competition (volunteer), and everything uses zipties. It’s quite amazing.

More like since 2000. The field isn’t changing anytime soon as long as basketball courts stay the same size.

Similar yes. But you are correct, as long as the basketball court doesn’t change.