FRC Field Price!?

I was wondering about the cost of purchasing JUST the field components of the FRC field for this coming season (not including driver station, etc., just for example the hab levels, rocket, cargo ship and carpets). Can anyone help with this?

As far as I know they are not purchasable by teams.


If there’s any late offseasons near you, they might be giving away game-specific stuff that you can pick up. I guess you could also talk to the Texas district board since I believe districts own their own fields and they may be able to get you something.

The type of carpet is also specified in the manual, so that’s more easily obtainable than everything else.

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You’re not really going to find a place to just buy the field components, like with FTC. You’d either need to build the team field or a metal equivalent, or contract that out to someone. (no reasonable carpenter is gonna like the drawings FIRST provides if you go that route)

I also wouldn’t really trust the company that even FIRST contracts their stuff to. Some of those welds are…interesting.


I really thought certain teams with certain connections were able to pull some strings to get an extra set built for them in certain prior seasons. Of course they had to pay, but I seem to recall there being a way to get your hands on an official set if you were willing to pay for it.

There are a number of teams that build a field to the competition field spec (118 and 148 come to mind), but the only “official” field I can think of that the community can access is the one at the FIRST HQ kickoff, which later goes to the Kettering collaborative build space iirc.
Unless you’re referring to 5+ years ago, I don’t recall there being a way to pay for the official fields.

Somewhat unrelated, but not letting teams on the field at kickoff this year was a massive disservice to the community as a whole. You don’t know how much I would’ve paid for a kid to sit at a loading station and drop a hatch through 500+ times, pointing out all the failure modes to the GDC.


My current dream is that the 2020 field is flat and has a similar number of custom built pieces as were used in 2013 or 2014. Or 2015. Please


@mrnoble Please not 2013. That pyramid was a mathematical and manufacturing nightmare. I will say though, the 2018 switch and scale and 2019 cargo ship were no picnic either. I hope first considers teams’ storage and material handling limitations when designing this stuff.


you forgot 2017 air ships (according to most people)

I remember that dang pyramid without fondness, but we were at least able to make a facsimile with a small budget. If we had been smart we would have just built the lowest tier anyway, as that was all we ended up using. I don’t really want to build another set of theater props this year, as we’ve all done for every game since 2016.


I think that recent years have been simple (2016 excluding). 2017 did not need a ship, a simple hook and pipe worked. In 2018, there could just be a forklift with a platform at different heights. This year was harder, but a loading station and a wood sheet with some holes could work. These of course are for teams that do not need a perfect field
Also we partner with another team to build the field and then both use it, making it not too bad to make as we only make half. Also they have used the same parts for the platform for 2 years now, reducing the load even more.

I remember Blair making a couple jokes on the 2017 kickoff telecast that the one on display was bound for Australia because their shipping timetable was so tight.

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I had thought (though I may be wrong) that around this time of year as offseasons finish up and all the field electronics get shipped back to Manchester, that the game-specific-non-electronic elements just get disposed of. If you want to be able to play Destination: Deep Space indefinitely, your best best is probably to contact the offseasons near you, and the districts near you, and see if you can figure out the last event a field set is doing and if you can acquire the pieces from them. They might be happy to have you take it off their hands so they don’t need to pay for more shipping and disposal.

I remember 2767 in 2017 having made a display model out of their 2017 robot and the airship which looked pretty much like the comp one. And I doubt anyone would go through the effort of making a real one, but maybe they did. Idk.

Most teams can get real field elements when the offseason starts winding down when a field is sent out for the last time. Its easier on FIRST if teams take the game specific field elements rather than them getting shipped back to a warehouse for employees to pull out and scrap.

The only teams who had access to FRC field elements during Build Season was NASA Ames (254/1886) years ago. Someone involved there can chime in but that was driven by the huge support NASA was providing FRC teams and under the stipulation the host teams teams opened the space for local teams to practice. It sounds like this hasn’t been practice in recent years.

All other teams build replicas themselves or you are seeing the offseason giveaways. 3467 for instance graciously received a full rocket and cargo ship recently.


Ding Ding Ding!

Some of the fields and game specific components were shipped as early as December last year and the “Kick-Off” field is typically one of the early internationally shipped fields.

If I had to guess, I would think the field for China for 2020 will be shipped within the next few weeks.

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