FRC fields

Ok serious question here. What’s more reliable, First fields or the McDonalds ice cream machine?

I put my money on FIRST fields. They don’t run long enough to encounter some of the more chronic failure modes, and since you didn’t specify which programs we then include the thousands of FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Tech Challenge fields that by design can only really have a failure mode of “it was hit by a robot one too many times”. :wink:

Ya should have specified that, I meant FRC fields and not just the hardware, but the FMS as well.

If you compared downtime vs uptime by percentage I’d bet the McDonald’s ice cream machine would win. Half the time when they tell you the machine is broken it’s actually just doing it’s overnight pasteurization cycle as described in the manual "the mix in the hopper and in the cylinder is heated up to 65°C, kept at 65°C for 30 minutes and finally cooled down to 2°C. "

It takes about 4 hours in total and allows the dairy product to keep for much longer without spoiling.

I don’t know, some of those FLL models break if the robot touches them once. This past year wasn’t bad, but there have been some in the past that were quite fragile.

There is a white paper thing. It’s been updated. Go read it.

If you have serious questions then ask them.

this thread is a timely as the sandwich thread. Treat it the same way.

What are you, anti sammich or something?

why do you have the manual lmao

Some possibilities:

  1. He worked there
  2. He has the manual to explain Ice Cream Machine :b:roke memes

I did the math and got an error. Zero interactions with McDonalds’ ice cream machines. But then, the last McDonalds burger I bought came in a styrofoam box.

we don’t need this on CD.

:b:wo :b:roke :b:emes

Lythgoe trolling is more timeless than timely but I see your point. :wink:

As long as you make it for me, not at all.

Lol some? FRC repairs are definitely much more involved and technical, but FLL fields need repair of some kind between most rounds. Also “if it was hit by a robot” - literally every match…some programs are even designed to hardstop on mission models.

But it’s okay because we’re going in to space so the Space Force will just fix field faults. Who’s winning now McDonald’s?

Can confirm this. The “Rain” element (which looked strong due to the technic beams with multiple attachment points) snapped into two separate pieces in one match where I was field reset.

And the velcro used to attach the fence-looking things always detaches with enough force, aka something that happens every other match but is very easy to fix.


I really wanted it to be for some obscure project of yours

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