FRC/FTC Match Strategy Simulator

Ignite Robotics created a google sheet to simulate scoring potential for different ways a single robot can play a match. We used this tool at kickoff to help us flush out the best way we could play a match. Allowing us to determine what functions our robot should perform, how efficiently it should perform those functions, and how to optimize cycles in a match.

We’ve made several improvements, including documentation, and are making our latest version available for FRC and FTC teams to use. You can find the download link at Ignite Robotics Resources. This is a Google Sheet, exporting to other formats may or may not fully work.

The google sheet has 4 setup tabs: Scoring Methods, Actions, Cycles, Matches

Scoring Methods : This tab lists all the ways you can score and how many points you get.

Actions : Actions are things you can do with your robot. Actions can score points (shooting) or not (driving / intake object). Actions also have an estimated time to complete (Climb might take 5 seconds). Additionally, not every action will succeed so you can assign a probability of success to the action. Finally, if an action scores points, you select which “scoring method” is used.

Cycles : A cycle is a list of actions. Typically a cycle has 4 major actions: Intake Item, Drive to score, Score, drive back to next item. Each cycle will have a summary of how long it takes to complete, points scored, as well as points/second.

Matches : Select which cycles and the order of the cycles for a match. This will give total number of points in the match and points/second for the match. The match view will also allow you to see which cycles are points dense.

The last tab in the google sheet is the Performance tab. In this tab, you can select up to 5 matches to generate a graph showing expected score through out the match. Allowing you to visualize and compare different match strategies.

If you find any bugs, have any feature requests, or clarification of directions, just post here.



Thanks for this nice simulator. You can add cycle types(finite cycle, repeatable cycles, single instance cycles ) for the cycle tab. For finite cycle can have a section that allows you to input how many times you can do this cycle and then the strategies tab can have a limit for that cycle. You can do the same thing for a single instance except for the input section.

Let me look in to this, and see what we can do. I’m glad you’re finding this useful.


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