FRC Game design challenge

I just have a really simple question. When is the due date for the game design challenge if there is one yet? If there’s isn’t one then that would explain why I can’t find it.

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Details haven’t been released to my knowledge.

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Plz stick to the plan.


Ah yes, 2014 let’s go.

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2014 - fun game to drive, not a particularly exciting game to build for.


seems like it yeah

thinks hard

Yeah… i was told our robot was built to block shots. I havent seen footage of it in action yet.

I’m pretty certain they’re not going to release the details on any of the challenges until kickoff.

I’m probably mistaken as i havent followed too closely with the 2021 plans.

Isn’t the Game Design Challenge by FRC teams a chance for teams to submit their ideas of a FRC game? I thought this to be an open-ended question and the top designs have a chance to be a future official season.
The changes to the 2020 game will be revealed on kickoff.

I think it is, but I think the parameters under which you’re going to create the game will be released at kickoff? That was my assumption, anyway.

That’s the impression I get. That said, there’s a CD section on Game Design… and a look at pre-2008 posts may elicit some clues as to what parameters might be used.

I’m excited for this challenge–and I hope my students are, too. I love game analysis and game design, and back in college was even paid to do some work for both war gaming and roleplaying game companies. War gaming systems are almost always permissive rules sets (you’re only allowed to do things if you’re explicitly permitted in the rules), roleplaying games are a mix of permissive and proscriptive (where you’re allowed to do anything except the things you’re explicitly told you can’t do)…and then there’s sports and FIRST, which is a hybrid of the two but also governed by penalties rather than outright forbiddance, changing the calculus on whether or not to consider certain courses of action [enforced, of course, by the permissive rules set of physics, with which one cannot compromise.]

It’s super-fun stuff.

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