FRC Game Hint #4?

Greetings Teams:

FRC Game Hint #4

Good Luck!

can we get some validation on this please?

o god WATER !?!?!?!?!?!

Can’t find this on the FIRST site…:confused:

Its 100% legit, it was in my e-mail from first… maybe they only sent it to me because im the only one who should know…

anyone else gotten this e-mail???

I call shenanigans. Our contact didn’t get it, I’m going to bet no other contacts got it, and it’s just silly and not properly formatted. Unless someone else steps forward REAL soon, this should be deleted. Also, last year’s picture was linked off the FIRST site, not blasted to several thousand people who would have to forward it onwards, etc.

Why would i want to go through the trouble of posting all this… I swear its in my inbox now… why would first lie about it.


This could get interesting…

Where are the mods?

I’m a main contact and I didn’t get this. The FIRST E-Mail Blast forum is to be used as an information source for official FIRST emails only. I’m moving this thread to Rumor Mill unless a more credible source (like the FIRST website) comes along.

Sorry if I’m reluctant to believe you but seeing as no one else seems to have gotten this hint, could you please verify this? A simple screen shot of the e-mail with the correct FIRST address will do.

I call fake.

With less than 12 hours to go, what would be the point, really?

who knows this year is the first year for more than one hint so y not
i think its 100% official
just hope at the kickoff they are not like “and the next hint is…”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that FIRST has plenty of hosting space and bandwidth, and they don’t need to host images on imageshack.

Nice try though.

For those of you who don’t believe me you can go to the first site and check it out:

If it was official there would be a ‘Go Teams!’ at the end. Every e-mail from FIRST I’ve seen has it.

And your link wouldn’t sed you to

Nice fake site. If you weren’t dealing with the smartest youth around, a false attempt like this might work. Seriously, inputting your own hint is childish, and Anti GP.

Yeah ok last time I checked didn’t exist at Nor did it have a page full of non-clickable links.

EDIT: Okay wow like 3 people beat me to it.


Honestly, what on earth are you trying to pull on us here? I’m not even gonna bother clicking that link, because it doesn’t link to what you’re trying to make it think its going to.

If you think we’re easily fooled, look further. You’re trying to pull a fast one on some of the brightest high school students in the world, along with a good portion of that community.

…Go Teams!:stuck_out_tongue:

to see you guys struggle over it, lol that was fun. ok im done now.