FRC Game Hint #4?

You see what i have to live with? Waiting for the kick off… Im soo bored and i cant sleep, im depressed, turning emo, my life is ending, I NEED THE KICK OFF!!!

Tip for next time you decide to be annoying: don’t put your team number in. No matter that you think, having that team number and posting things like this reflects badly onto your team.

Also, if seeing people struggle makes you happy, you probably shouldn’t have posted this here, as there was no struggling involved. Every single post was us calling you out on a bad fake attempt.

Go find something better to do with your time, please. Like sleep. In about 12 hours (including Dean Kamen’s complimentary naptime), the sheets will be pulled off of the game field.

Get rested now while you can.

:frowning: :frowning:

Yea…see, that crap doesn’t work on here. Nice try though, and everyone please, let’s not continue this thread any longer.

hey… i did it in about 10 seconds. Want to have a photoshop battle? Seriously lets do it, you name the contest.

I think he’s had enough, folks. We should probably let the mods close this down, and stop giving attention to him.

Nice feeble attempt at making us believe we are on the FIRST site. Are you going to grow up to be a phiser?

ACTUAL url he posted-

Guys, chill out.

The only reason this thread is still open is because a moderator for this sub-forum isn’t online right now. Everyone needs to stop flaming each other, and stop posting in this thread.

While every one is ticked at you, I must give you props. While you could have done better forging it, you dropped water into the clue feeding frenzy around here. While not GP, it is flat out funny. You had a few of them going! Bravo my friend:D,** … never do it again.**

Yea now im just getting pissed off, it was supposed to be a good laugh… not some crazy believable thing to make you all mad. “water” yea its funny ok the joke about the water game is funny. If your all anti-fun, well thats your problem

SEE now theres a man of my wisdom.

idk i thought it would be faster to make an image… i forgot one of the game hint #3s… i did it too fast…

All right folks, show’s over here. Move along, move along.

(Until a Mod does it for real)


Lol? nice mod without powers. Its not closeable… its such a good laugh.

Laughs go in the Rumor Mill where this now is. Official FIRST communications go in the Blasts Archive. Would it be funny if someone posted a fake Blast that told teams ship date had been pushed back two days? Honestly, blatantly misusing forums should be bannable, but there are nicer people than I in charge here.

I dunno, I think it had potential to be a decent joke. Some lessons on execution from the masters of Chief Delphi pranks, John “Check out Andy’s Ipod” V-Neun, Joe “Oops, I found out the game early” Johnson, and the creator of probably the most successful CD prank ever, Joe “Nationals Canceled?” Ross would probably have made it both funnier and more realistic.

Kevin, while I agree that it would have been better to put this in the rumor mill originally, I don’t think that comparison is fair; kickoff is in a couple of hours and this is a false game hint. A fake ship date is a completely different thing.

This thread has been reported to the mods. Please do not post beyond this.

I would laugh… i guess none of you cheifdelphi forumers have no sense of humor… Geeze wrong place to come. Sorry ill go back to the other forums…

I’m seeing a trend, all the old mentors are saying how horrible this is, and it doesn’t follow GP, blah blah.

All my fellow GP students think its a good laugh… Is there a student only section? parents these days, the internet, technology… oh wrong generation sorry.