FRC Game of the Decade

Hi all!

I know a couple of people have already done this, but I wanted to try out this ranking system. As we enter the new decade, we must look back to the past one. We will hopefully be deciding what the best FRC game of the decade is!

In order to do this in the most objective way possible, you will be giving your top ten games of the decade (not hard since there are only ten games). Every position on the list is worth a certain amount of points, for example.

#1 - 10 points
#2 - 9 points
#3 - 8 points
#4 - 7 points

Rankings will based on how many points they earn total from each voter. So every position counts!

This may not be the best way to decide this, but hopefully we can have fun doing it! fell free to discuss why you think certain games that are better, or worse. The deadline is 2020-01-31T06:00:00Z, and results will be posted then. Enjoy!

Here’s the link: FRC Game of the Decade

Perhaps you missed the search for the keyword “decade”?

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Also my mentor reminded me of the FUN recap :).

Either way still want to try this system out, but thank you for pointing this out.

Might want to consolidate your efforts with what had already taken place with previous thread:

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Thanks to all the people who responded to my form. I only got 39 responses, but i did get a decent idea of how effective this voting system works. Here are the final results.

#10 2015 Recycle Rush: 115
#9 2010 Breakaway: 127
#8 2011 Logo Motion: 181
#7 2017 Steamworks: 217
#6 2019 Destination: Deep Space: 223
#5 2012 Rebound Rumble: 225
#4 2018 Power Up: 233
#3 2014: Arial Assist: 253
#2 2016 Stronghold: 272
#1 2013 Ultimate Ascent: 299

What do you guys think?


More recent games will always have an advantage over older games, this seems to show that at least a bit.

That being said, this seems like a better ranking then most.

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Here are the results from my survey with 52 resonses, which is ranked the same way (except using average instead of sum). Not exactly the same results as yours, but pretty similar. RMS error of only 0.87 average score. I would combine the two results, but if people voted in both surveys then their votes would be counted twice.


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Thanks man, let me do some math here.

New rankings after combining data with @AriMB

#10 2015 recycle rush: 243
#9 2010 Breakaway: 321
#8 2011 Logo Motion: 401
#7 2017 Steamworks: 411
#6 2019 Destination: Deep Space: 518
#5 2018 Power Up: 532
#4 2012 Rebound Rumble: 561
#3 2016 Stronghold: 665
#2 2014 Arial Assist: 674
#1 2013 Ultimate Ascent: 681

Biggest difference in both is that Strong hold moved down to 3rd in each. Overall, I agree with about 90% of this list.