FRC game simulation

Hey you!

Yes you!

Do you want to train your drivers when your robot is not available?
Do you want to test your strategies in the field when you do not have one?

If the answer is yes!
Then we at GreenBlitz have a good solution for you!
The GreenBlitz simulation, a simulation with the goal of training drivers and testing strategist.
The simulation allow drivers to train in a virtual realistic field with a robot plays the Deep Space game.
It is not all, the simulation allows you to customize itself according to your wish.
The simulation is easy and simple to use, and it can be found in GitHub .

In order to make the simulation better for the next season, we like to know your opinion.

And we would be grateful if you answer this form:

Thanks from GreenBlitz 4590.

Pink Floyd Reference in the start.


Hey, I was wondering if you can import code into it, and if so, in what language?

question is, is it better than synthesis? because synthesis claimed to do the same thing but its pretty bad

it is much better than synthesis, i once tried sysnthesis, it was also the last.
The simulation is based on the real robot (our robot), and we have based the movement on the can motor.
And offcouse you can accually play the game in our simulation.
P.S. i dont have anything againts Systhesis, our simulation is just better.

can i import my own robot, and how

What do you mean by importing code?
And the simulation is build in V-Rep (edu) and programmed with lua, which is the default option, but you can use java, c++ or even matlab to control the simulation.
However, you will need to change our code in order to do so.

The simulation is coming with a generic robot, which do all the base stuff in the game.
In order to import your robot, you need to create him inside V-Rep, it is possible but it require afford and knowledge.
If you want something basic, i would be more that happy to create it for you.

oh that would be great! a simple arm + wrist intake would be what im looking for, like this

By importing my code, I mean the ability to take my robot code, then use it in the simulation, without having to change much (At most changing the canBUS/PWM Values, etc. Meaning, I would not want to have to rewrite my code entirely.)

the simulation is not a code simulation, it is a simulation for drivers and for strategy.
it tests the game and the code have nothing to do with wpilib.

Does it allow for double joystick tank drive, or just controller? We drive with a double joystick setup which is why I’m wondering. Also having a bit of trouble getting the hatch in the bot, but it’s otherwise super cool and I can’t wait to mess around with it some more.

What do you mean by double joystick tank drive?
Does it uses xbox controller ?or the big joysticks?
And in any cass, i think that it can implemented in vrep .

Big joysticks. It works on an xbox controller fine, but if I were to suggest it to our driver I’d want it to be as close to what he uses as possible.

Sadly i have no big joysticks to test it on.
I am sorry

ive played around with this a lot, and i noticed a very distracting bug, which is when i accelerate from a stop, the bot always turns a bit first. also a robot that looks more like a real robot instead of a mashup of steamworks bot with an elevator would be nice

There is a new version, which solves this problem.

nope still happening

Ok, i would see to it.
I can’t promise when, but i will make sure that the vesrsion next year will be better, and won’t have this problem.

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