FRC Game Tools 23.1 Out

FRC Game Tools 23.1 is out now.
Download here.

I am pretty sure this will fix the joystick problems that require a rescan to pick up the HID.

Does anyone have a full changelog available? I can’t seem to find one on the NI site.


I wish they would buy the .1 somewhere on the site, it’s a bit confusing otherwise.


Is it expected that the NI Package Manager does not detect this as an update? I can download the new installer but usually letting the package manager do updates is faster, if it works.

YMMV and FWIW, but the first thing the installer did on my machine (which was current before the update) was to update the package manager.

I’m not sure if this version will be required or not, but I plan to advise teams that they strongly consider upgrading if I see the older version during inspection or this comes up in the course of doing the CSA thing.


We uninstalled the old version, downloaded the 23.1 installer, and let it reinstall. The driver’s station version still shows up 23.0 on the DS.


I would double check that you installed the new version and not the kickoff version- the new version definitely has a 23.1 version number on the top border:


BTW, esp for future readers, you can update to 23.1 without uninstalling 23.0. I think the uninstall is only required between seasons. At least, that is what we did and it is working fine.


What does it say on the DS tab that has all of the version info (like RIO image, etc) ?

Does the RoboRIO need to be re-imaged after this update? Or should the image from 23.0 suffice?

The new image only has relevant changes for LabVIEW teams. Either image will work fine for C++/Java.


Sorry, this is not a necro. I am trying to set up a Romi. There is not a 2024 version of the Romi WPILIB, only 2023. So I need the 2023 Game Tools. But they seem to no longer be on the NI site.

Any ideas on where I can get them?

The NI package manager still has the 2023 game tools listed. You could try downloading them from there.

There you go. Thank you.

Spoke too soon:

This link should download the offline installer for the 2023 tools. Game Tools

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The 2023 version of the Romi image will work with 2024 WPILib. Also, either the 2023 or 2024 versions of the DS interoperate with either 2023 or 2024 versions of WPILib. The 2024 game tools is only required to get the 2024 RoboRIO image (which is required to use WPILib 2024 on the RoboRIO, but has no effect on Romi use).

That does seem to work. But the 2024 Driver Station is not connecting to the Romi. Trying to figure that out now.