FRC Gameplan (2018) Strategy App

I am proud to present an update to FRC GamePlan for the 2018 Game, FIRST Power Up!

GamePlan is a novel Android application that allows teams to effectively strategize upcoming matches by configuring a complete field and outlining potential alliance strategies.

The app provides a empty field for drive teams and strategists to customize accordingly for matches. Users can quickly add robots and cubes to the field while also drawing out potential movements of these robots.

Plans can be saved and restored with ease for matches at later times or later competitions. This feature allows teams to pre-strategize matches for expedited efficiency during match planning.

I realize that we are now in the post-season but I hope teams use this as an opportunity to try out FRC Gameplan throughout this post-season and see how it would fit in their match planning for 2019.

The app is available on Google Play. If anyone has any feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me at