FRC Help!

Hello everyone. I’m from Team 768, The Technowarriors from Woodlawn High School in Baltimore County, MD. We are in desperate need of any mentor assistance right now. The fate of our team is hanging in the balance, and we’re really struggling to find help. Does anyone around the area by any chance known of someone who can possibly help out? Any and all help would be greatly appreicated. Thank you very much!

You can contact us at:

Have you contacted your Senior Mentor for Maryland? Her name is Rose Young, and she would be more than willing to help you find mentors.

Rose can be reached at

Also, let us know if there is anything we, the RoboBees can do. We would hate to lose such a great partner in the state of Maryland.

PM me, or email us directly at if there is anything at all we can do.

If you find some unexperienced mentors to assist your team, we would be happy to assist your mentors with any questions or issues. We have, in the past, set up skype sessions with other teams, so they can “sit in” our planning sessions, or work with specific subteam mentors. Lastly, Baltimore isn’t all that far away from us, and if needed we can send a couple of our mentors to you to help with specific issues from time to time during the build season.

Just let us know!


Thank you guys. I’ve emailed Ms. Rose Young, and I will contact keep your robobees contact close just in case.