FRC High School Interns

As a coach and a teacher, I have to post this on CD . FRC 4607 has a great sponsor in Xcel Energy. Because of this sponsorship, the SHERCO Plant (in Becker, MN) has opened their doors to interns from our FRC team. In the last 3 years, FRC 4607 has been proud to have 6 students (current and alumni attending NDSU) take advantage of this opportunity.

Here is an article about our latest two interns at SHERCO.


I post this partly because I am proud of my kids and their hard work, and partly because I think this opportunity can be made available to other teams via their sponsors.

This opportunity remains available through Xcel because of the great talent that FRC 4607 provided to SHERCO. Way to go Alex and Emma! Also, kudos to Ryan (NDSU), Jake (NDSU), Sam (NDSU), and Brandon (SCSU). Through your hard work and diligence, this opportunity will remain open for many more students from FRC 4607!

And also - a special thank you to Cindy for pushing the team to strive for a balanced gender ratio… if it was not for you, I am not certain how ‘balanced’ we would be!