FRC in Popular Science!

And it’s a picture of our robot!

Since it’s Feature, I wonder if that means it gets into the printed magazine? If someone subscribes, could they tell me?

Haha, the first picture is from a practice match…otherwise that’s a violation of G33 and G39! XD Love the article and I really need to get a subscription to Pop sci. Guess I’ll continue to mooch off one of my friends :smiley:

Glad to see a picture of the Los Angeles Rookie All Star team FRC3521 The Noble Nuts from Indio, CA in the article. All the teams from the Inland Empire are darn proud of the Noble Nuts!

2415 rippin lip hell ya

theres a solid pic of me moving our lift up lol. I just wish this lady had any idea what she was talking about haha. at least she got my name and where Im going to college right…

The photoshopped motion blur made the picture that much more epic.

It’s our robot there too. We may not have placed that high in the standings this year but at least we made the Boston Globe and Popular Science!

Hey, I’m on there with one of my co-drivers. Only a little bit, but just enough to recognize us. haha