FRC in the Workplace

At work this morning I saw Dean Kame- I mean Dean Shafer from 107 messing with some AndyMark stealth wheels to fix a problem with a conveyor on a big machine we are building. Seems like a good solution to me…

So my question is, has anybody else used FRC products in their workplace? If so what was the problem and what product did you use to solve it? Post pictures if you are allowed to/have them.


Yes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not work, but here’s a VersaPlanetary in a cool project.


Hey, I know that guy! The Dean-o-saur himself is great at bringing Koops to FIRST, so it is no surprise he brings FIRST to work. He is really good at showing us how everything we do has a real-world application!

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There are several 120A Main Breakers in Southwest Airlines concourse equipment, and a few PDPs in some labs. Came close to having some omni wheels on some carts.

Current place of employment also has a few made for FIRST Products… a bit… a smidgen.


Dark Aero is also using Versa Planetaries and Vex gears on their plane:


I recently saw mecanum wheels used on an airplane unloading mechanism to both remove and rotate boxes from the cargo hold.

He is a mad lad when it comes to recruiting people to the program. He says, once they sip the kool-aid they are stuck. He has made a name for himself at Koops :slight_smile:

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Had a trouble with some long standoffs that came loose and stripped out on a big Chinese printer. It was going to take a couple months to get replacements from China.
Went to the robot shop, grabbed some Thunderhex and bingo new better standoffs.


Couldn’t believe it but I saw some versaframe tubing on a plumber’s truck the other day for a DIY tooling rig sitting in the back of the truck. Wish I got a photo of it.


As an employee of AndyMark, I can confirm we have used FRC products in the workplace :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


They’ve been doing that for 20 years… don’t ask how I know. (OK, so maybe Champs travel in 2003 alerted some crazy engineers to the existence of said wheels.)

My work? Well, we’ve got a few CIMs with VersaPlanetaries and Victors/Talons around (and one with a 3-stage Sport attached that we use as a threat for anything that just won’t turn). Great for prototyping, then we swap 'em for industrial gearmotors later. Cheap motors with a pile of power is always good.

And I won’t deny that I’ve occasionally looked into using FRC products, but it usually doesn’t work out. Not quite heavy-duty enough for a lot of what I do, though stealing ideas is usually pretty effective.


External indicator for a weird valve… one of those 10 tooth 10 DP 1/2" hex bore gears mating with a BIG 3D printed gear. Couple of hex bearings.

I don’t trust the plc to keep track with annincremental encoder. First time we used it, the plc was going backwards!

Needed a constant 12V applied to a controller in order to help it do soft shut down when the power interupt would be removed too soon. So, I brought in an FRC battery as an interim fix. I actually brought in two batteries. My coworker was really excited there was a “Bobba Fett” and “Admiral Ackbar” naming convention on a couple batteries we were using.

WRT knowledge… all the time.

Apart from hardware and tools I have because of FRC, I haven’t actually used many parts in the workplace, but what I learned about planetary gearboxes (and other mechanisms as well) from FRC has come in handy several times.
I understand @jrwise has used RoboRIOs in some of the systems he’s designed and built over the years, at least to prototype.
I’ve used plenty of FRC hardware (and design ideas) around the house and at church and other mission work, most commonly versaframe.

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