FRC Introduction to Programming Robots in Java

I was inspired by my computer science teacher and robotics mentor to design a course that would introduce programming students to the world of robotics programming. My goal is to help programming students learn about tools we use in robotics programming as easily as possible. Please share this with anybody you think could make use of my class.

This is the link to the PDF:


From a cursory glance, it looks good so far. I would suggest a pre-req’s section that gives users what they should know before going into a course.

It seems like that’s touched on in the “Target” section, in the first couple of sentences. But yeah, I agree that it should be a separate section, as it would help it to stand out better.

This is quite impressive. Wish we had this when we were looking to organize the programming side of our team! We will definitely be using the branching and merging lesson on our team! Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback. There is a prerequisite section on page 3 but I will make sure to expand upon it in my next revision.

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