FRC Inventory Management Software

Robo’Lyon #5553 has developed an inventory management software for the FRC. We’ve used it in the past build season, and it has worked well for us so far. We wanted to share it with you if this can be of any help. It is optimized for FRC teams, but it can be easily adapted for FTC or FLL teams.

The aim is to help you have a better organization in your FRC team.
We recommend that you read the attached manual in order to understand how it works.
Here are all the explanations you need to use the software:

FRC Inventory Management Software MANUAL.pdf (113.9 KB)

We created two versions of the software wich runs under excel (2013) with VBA. The first one is empty so that you can create your own database and the other one called “sandbox” allows you to test it with some preloaded data.

FRC Inventory Management Software - FINAL.xlsm (274.5 KB)

FRC Inventory Management Software - Sandbox.xlsm (324.5 KB)

The software isn’t perfect (yet) so we would like you to give us some feedback to tell us about improvements that we can do.
If you have any difficulties or questions, you can ask us in this thread.

The ROBO’LYON Team (#5553)
Neuville-sur-Saone, FRANCE



this is really interesting! is there a way to resize certain popup windows?


Unfortunately it isn’t possible yet to resize a pop-up window directly when you open it but we are going to release a new version of the software by the end of the week with this feature implemented.

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This would be great if you had a way to add to the robot.

A way I might take it:
Add a checkbox to column A of the items tab

On the robot tab

  • Info columns filled in from the items tab per the checked box previously (just items required for BOM sheet)
  • Fill in quantities used with where they were used from (New/Usable/Prototype)
    *Have these values off to the side out of the way, but have the total in the printing area
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