FRC java build

So, my team and I just formatted our classmate with the FRC USB E11 2012. It all went fine, but I am wondering if we are supposed to re-download the FRC java build for NetBeans IDE or just recopy our own into NB?
thanks. :slight_smile:

You just need to update the FIRST plugins in NetBeans. You don’t have to re-install all of NetBeans on each computer.

alright thanks. but do you know what the plugin is called? I can’t seem to find it on

Add as a NB plugin.

To expand on nickpeq’s correct answer, add the link as an “Update Center” in the “Tools/Plugins/Settings” menu/window/tab.

thank you all.:slight_smile:

again thank you, but now as I try to put the link as a update center it says there is a problem connecting to the proxy. I didn’t think FRC needed a proxy for its updates but I guess it does. Does anyone know what the proxy port and name? thanks.

You shouldn’t need a proxy. Unless there is some firewall at your site that requires one.