FRC Kickoff via NASA TV?

Is FRC Kickoff broadcasted via NASA TV every year? Will it be this year?

And maybe to continue, are you on the edge or what? I’m craving hints.

Yes it’s broadcasted every year, they record the entirety every year, and I’m fairly certain that it will be broadcast this year, otherwise FIRST will have to rapidly find a new way to distribute the game at the same time across the entire world.

Oh my goodness yes. December cannot go fast enough. So much anticipation.

Sorry to bump and old thread, but:

Haven’t gotten an email from FIRST or seen anything on the NASA page about the broadcast - not doubting that it’ll happen, but kind of confused as to why there isn’t any information in sight with just a week to go.

The Blue Alliance is also broadcasting the event.

Check this out:

I suspect that in this upcoming week, probably Wednesday, we’ll see an email/blog post that’ll release a mass update which will include stream information, the encrypted manual and IIRC, a test of the encrypted manual.

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What time does the broadcast (internet feed) start live? The Blue Alliance page says 10 EST. The NASA link says 10:30 EST. The local Milwaukee area one starts at 9 EST. :confused:

I’m pretty sure it’s 10:30 Eastern (according to the NASA page I linked). TBA’s page will be updated soon.

The good stuff happens at 11:30.

Most local events are starting at 9 AM EST. I suppose this to get people checked in, and host some speakers and such.

The NASA link says 10:30, as does my team’s local kick-off’s event page.

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