FRC KOP 2016 Inventor and STEP

The FRC KOP 2016 should be available on the Autodesk Education website on Monday. For those who want to get started earlier here are links to the KOP in Autodesk Inventor and STEP formats on A360.

Do you know were i could find a IGES file of the KOP?

I don’t. I create the KOP in Inventor and STEP only.

If you have Inventor 2016 I can walk you through a process using Task Scheduler that will create the IGES files.

Just curious, what are the IGES files for?

Thanks for posting this ahead of time!

After downloading the Inventor versions I am getting an error when trying to open them… Database schema for file is… full error is attached.




Looks like you are using an earlier version of Inventor. Only 2016 can open the Inventor files.

Use the STEP version if you are using an earlier version of Inventor.

Of course! Thanks for the quick reply!

Inventor 2016 student addition is continually locking up (not responding), is anybody else having this problem. Can’t be hardware running a Dell Precision M4600 8GB Ram I7 quad core 320GB 7200 HD. 32GB Ram on the way & 480 GB SSD but my Dell Precision 2400 seems to run fine using Inventor 2015. Any ideas would greatly be appreciated.:eek:


My first question would be what graphics chipset do you have installed?
That model can comes with three selections.

• AMD FirePro M5950 Mobility Pro with 1GB GDDR5 dedicated memory
• NVIDIA Quadro 1000M with 2GB GDDR3 dedicated memory
• NVIDIA Quadro 2000M with 2GB GDDR3 dedicated memory

CAD is heavy on graphics. I normally would not suggest heavy CAD on a laptop unless it has a real good graphics chipset with lots of dedicated memory.

Also some additional information could be helpful. Like operating system you are using. Clock speed of processor.
You can check your system specs and compare them to the Inventor requirements at

Good luck this year!