FRC labview 2014 serial

Could anyone tell me where I could find a serial key for the LabVIEW from last season? Our team didn’t have the opportunity to compete so we didn’t get a KOP, and since the 2013 LabVIEW serial is expired, we’re hosed in terms of using our cRIOs now.

I’ve also read that the 2014 serial does not expire, can anyone confirm that this is true?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

The 2014 FRC Season LabVIEW license is not supposed to expire. If you know who registered/activated the software, they can login to their MyNI account and retrieve the serial number.

Remember that the license has language about use for FRC purposes. Since your team didn’t participate in 2015 and isn’t registered for 2016, even if you can find your old license, I’m not sure you can use it.

You mean the EULA?

We don’t have a license for it… I’m trying to find out if we can get one from NI or somewhere else. Because as far I’ve seen, the 2015 LabVIEW won’t support the 8 port Crios, so without a 2014 license, the Crios we have are bricks.