FRC Labview 2019 - Default Roborio Project Simulation Error

After installing the FRC 2019 Labview installer as well as the FRC Update installer, I created a default arcade drive robot project and attempted to run it in the simulator. When I did so, I received this “Error 7 at Read from Text File.” What can I do to fix this?


I just tried it and I do get the same Error 7.

Based on what I am seeing, when the project is created, it does not have anymore the Simulator dependencies by default.

However, I recommend two options to overcome this issue:

  1. Instead of creating an Arcade Drive project, try using a “Learn LabVIEW” project that does include the simulator (I just tried it with the ball launcher example and it seems to be working).
  2. From that previous project, you can try copying and pasting the “FRC SimulatedRSC” folder, “FRC Simulated ID List.txt” and “FRC Simulated.xml” files to the Arcade Drive project.

Hopefully this lets you keep moving forward.