FRC LabView Badges


I am a FRC mentor who is working to get everyone on my coding team to earn the three FRC badges. I did the badge tests first as an experiment, and was able to pass them. However, I do not have any credit for the work. I understand that there should be an email with a link sent to me but nothing shows up.

What am I missing?

Thank you.

Mine took a little time. A week maybe to show up. Guessing it isn’t automatic.

I’d like to hear more news about the badge program. It was a good step but maybe not quite bridging the gap to encourage FRC students to move up in marketable LabVIEW skills. I need to revisit it and see maybe ways to extend it, unofficially.

I am not looking for the ideal, perfect solution. That quest leads to analysis paralysis and I am tired of that holding back nearly everything done in modern America.

Thanks for the reply. I just want to get them started somewhere, and today that somewhere is with the FRC badges.

I meant no disrespect Mr. Green, my frustration is a byproduct of seeing too many great solutions abandoned due to not being all things to all people.

I just worked with the team that issues these badges and it looks like there was a backlog. They’ve gone through and should have awarded all pending badges.

If you didn’t get a badge issued that you’ve earned, feel free to message me to let me know which badge you passed and with what email address. I’ll talk to our team to make sure that gets handled correctly.

Thank you so much for all your help. I did indeed get all the badges due, and have advised our coders. I hope to see a lot more badges around. Thank you NI, for all you do for FIRST teams.