FRC Legal Cameras

Our team is looking to put a Camera on our robot to record the robot so we can review the match after

If a camera had a 2.4G wireless remote with a 10 meter range, would it be legal by FRC rules?

I can’t find it in the game manual

“R63. No form of wireless communication shall be used to communicate to, from, or within the ROBOT,
except those required per R58, R62, and tags used for location detection systems if provided by the

As far as I’m concerned any wireless form of communication in general that isn’t the driver station is illegal. Recently, my team went to a skirmish, when the inspector passed by, he asked me if there with any devices on the robot that were wireless, followed by stating that it was illegal.

I suggest not risking it.


R63 states that you can’t have any unauthorized communication from the robot, and the event rules state no signaling devices used between the audience and the driver team. You could try calling your FIRST rep and asking them but I wouldn’t risk taking it to inspection without asking.

If you have a camera on your robot, just put it on Shuffleboard and click the record button. You can review it (along with NetworkTables data) at any time as long as you clicked record. If you’re using a USB camera, you can start transmission to Driver Station by putting the following line of code into robotInit()

//Assuming we're using Java here
public void robotInit() {

And any USB cameras connected to the roboRIO will appear on Shuffleboard.


If it’s just for reviewing the match afterwards, GoPros/similar devices are legal


As long as wireless is disabled.


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