FRC Legal Gamepads/Controllers

My team and I are considering purchasing new Gamepads and/or joysticks. However, I can’t find any rules on controllers. I know wireless controllers aren’t allowed, but what about controllers such as PS4 Controllers which can be connected over USB or by Bluetooth? Also, any recommendations for gamepads or joysticks? Thanks in advance

To the best of my knowledge, you are allowed to use any controller (barring wireless ofc).
Some teams have been know to use a guitar or dance pad.
And possibly a banana.

We have used a PS4 controller in the past connected via USB.
We also like the 3 Axis joysticks for driving (the ones where you can twist the stick).
We also create a custom button board using an Arduino over USB for our operator.


Cool. Thanks again

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For something cheap, the Logitech F310 is where it’s at. I’ve shopped for tons of controllers and tested a few. This is the one that is affordable, has good centering, Is fairly linear, and goes full range. And it is from a reputable manufacturer. I also like that its cord is permanently attached and not a mile long.

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