FRC Live Team & Robot Breakdowns: 842, 1533, 2655, 3847

You won’t want to miss these incredible teams detail their robots and seasons tonight at starting at 7:30pm eastern! Hop in live to ask questions to these teams or watch the archives at

7:30pm eastern: Triple Strange #1533 & The Flying Platypi - FRC Team #2655
8:00pm eastern: Spectrum 3847
8:30pm eastern: 842 Falcon Robotics


Looking forward to seeing what the Falcons came up with this year! And as usual appreciate seeing and hearing from the other teams being profiled too:)

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We’re about to start with 1533 and 2655!



About to start! with 3847! Come join us :slight_smile:

Starting with 842! Come check it out!

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Thank you to everyone who tuned in last night!

Archives are up at

3847 Spectrum Robot and Team Interview:
1533 Triple Strange and 2655 The Flying Platypi Robot and Team Interview:
842 Falcon Robotics Robot and Team Interview:

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