FRC livestream bitrate

Can we talk about how all the FIRST Livestreams are technically 1080p but the actual quality is atrocious?

This obviously varies from stream to stream, but for example at Pittsburgh this year, the recorded stream is absolutely terrible. The overhead camera is usually not very detailed and if the stream is actually 1080p, they need to increase the bitrate as I can barely see the team numbers when anything moves on stream.


Even on the displays in the pits (the “official” one that I assume uses the audience display output, not the stream, since it’s more or less live), the camera quality is consistently terrible.

It comes down to a combination of the cameras at events being terrible AND the stream bitrite being super low :confused:

At ISR events the placement of the cameras imo is always the best, and this year the video quality of the audience screen was very good.

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