FRC M 11 Signups Only 1 Slot Left!

Welcome to FRC Mafia 11! Your mods will be @Kaitlynmm569 and @typeusernamehere. And maybe @JKBear331.


  1. Follow the Chief Delphi forum rules.
  2. Be respectful to the hosts and your fellow players.
  3. Minimum Post Requirement of 7.5 posts per day. Failure to meet this requirement will result in being replaced and possibly being placed on a blacklist.
  4. Do not quote/screenshot any private messages. They’re private for a reason.
  5. Don’t throw the game. Always play with the intent of helping your faction win.
  6. No editing or deleting posts for any reason without express moderator/host permission.
  7. No posting after majority is reached or at night. We can’t lock the thread, so we’re relying on you all to just follow this rule and not post. Repeated or egregious failure to comply will result in your removal from the game.
  8. Do not discuss the game outside of the game. Anywhere. It’s not worth it.
  9. Beginning at the minute the day ends and until night is over, no votes will be counted.
  10. Do not spam the chat. Repeated or egregious failure to comply will result in a modkill and being placed on a blacklist.
  11. Do not post after death until the game ends except under special circumstances decided by the host. Failure to comply will result being placed on a blacklist.
  12. If you see a post that violates the Chief Delphi guidelines, message the host in your PM. The host will know what to do.
  13. It’s a game - have fun!

This game will be run in a custom setup developed by @typeusernamehere.

Mafia Roles

Mafia Loner
Is told who is Mafia, but is not in the Mafia chat. The Mafia does not initially know who they are. Gets 1 total night kill.

Mafia JOAT
Gets one PM action, one Cop action, one nightvision, and one F-117. All may be given away.

Mafia Goon
2 of em

Town Roles

Town Survivor
When killed, lives for a day afterwards, although role is revealed.

Town Vigilante
May perform 1 total night kill.

Town Busybody
Every night makes a PM with another player.

Town Cop
Discovers one player’s alignment and role every night.

Town Watcher
Watches one person and sees who they visited. Every night.

Town Inventor
Bestows one bulletproof vest (defends against kill), one permanent nightvision (shows who visited you), and one permanent cabbage on N1. Items may not be given to oneself.

Town Arms Nut
Bestows one permanent F-117 (no night actions can be tracked), one gun (gives one night kill) on N1. Items may not be given to oneself.

Average Town
6 of em.

The Loner can be added to mafia chat. The mafia guess one person a night. If they guess right they add loner.

A special role

May force the vote once, will be revealed as having done so. Will be elected during N1. Everyone will vote in their pms.

The Mafia win if there are an equal number of Mafia (including Loner) and Town.

The Town win if all Mafia (including the Loner) are killed.

4 mafia vs 13 town

Days will be 72 hours long.
Nights will be 12 hours long.


  • To accuse someone, say “ /vote [player] ”.
  • To rescind your vote, say “ /unvote ”.
  • Making your votes obvious (bolded, on their own line, etc.) will make it less likely to be missed by us.
  • Vote counts will be given whenever a host is available to do so. You may request one by pinging @typeusernamehere or @Kaitlynmm569. No vote counts will be given by the dead!
  • Days 1-4 will have a deadline elimination - whoever has the most votes when the 72 hour timer expires will be eliminated.
  • Days 5 and on will have a plurality elimination - if majority is reached on a player, the day will end immediately with their elimination, but if majority isn’t reached whoever has the most votes when the timer expires will be eliminated.
  • If majority has been reached, stop posting immediately. Repeated or egregious failure to comply will result in a modkill.


Ranking infos

Chief Delphi Mafia Ranking System

Part 1: Points

Town: Each player always gets one point for surviving the day, and another point if all town aligned players survived the night. At the time of death, the player must submit a full player list of their suspicions as to who is mafia. Only entries up to the number of days survived count (I.E. If a player survived 3 days, their list would only be looked at up to the third suspicion). The player gets one point for each correct guess.

Mafia: Each player always gets one point for surviving the day, and another point for each successful night kill. At the time of death, the player must submit a full player list of their suspicions as to who is what role. Only entries up to the number of days survived count (I.E. If a player survived 3 days, their list would only be looked at up to the third suspicion). The player gets one point for each correct guess.

Part 2: Death Day Predictions

Each player will submit a list, predicting the order in which people will die. These lists will be submitted in player PMs each (in game) night, with the exception of the first list, which should be submitted no later than 2 hours before the start of the game. The lists should be ordered using the following:

  • Players to be voted out come before night kills.
  • If a faction win is expected, the players should be ordered in alphabetically based on username.
  • It is your responsibility to order dead players correctly.

For example:

If this was how a game went:
P1 voted out D1
P2 killed N2
P3 voted out D2
P4 killed N1
P5 Win
P6 voted out D3
P7 Win

My list would be:
P1 (voted out D1)
P4 (killed N1)
P3 (voted out D2)
P2 (killed N2)
P6 (voted out D3)
P5 (win)
P7 (win)


Why so many ways to earn points?
The points were balanced as best as possible. We wanted both town and mafia to be able to earn points in as many fair ways as possible. We didn’t want it to seem like one side had an advantage to earn points over the other. This was the best way we could think of that seemed fair, and didn’t cause a high number of points.

Wouldn’t mafia have an advantage?
No. Each player gets a point for surviving. We were considering doing it so that Mafia earned points for surviving the night as along with town, but that would only work in games with a deadly townsfolk. Having the points the way they are balances it out in all games. If all town survive, they get a point. If the mafia get their way, they get a point. It’s up to the town to protect the right person, and it’s up to the mafia to target the right person. If one side doesn’t earn the points, the other side does.

What’s the point of the Death Day Predictions?
Death day predictions is a way to even out the ranks. When a simulation was run, it was found that just ranking by points wasn’t extremely accurate. When combined with death day predictions in this simulation, it was found that these two systems worked well together. In addition to that, if taken seriously, DDP forces players to really analyse and dissect the game. They have to look for the patterns and the actions made by other players to best predict. (Please take note that this simulation is based on semi-random data, and is not 100% accurate to M10)

What about dead players and DDP?
Due to the obvious disadvantage to dead players (them no longer being in the game), they too will need to continue to submit predictions. Dead players who want to continue to submit predictions are not allowed to see the role list. For those who don’t want to continue to submit, their last prediction list prior to them dying will be used as the rest of their lists for each day and they will be allowed to see the role list.

What about backups?
Backups will still continue to be scored from where the previous player left off. The player who plays for the majority of the game is the one who gets ranked. This is not necessarily the person who finishes the game in that position.

Reality Check

Your guy’s goal is to create simple, reliable, accurate and unbiased ranking system to apply to all games. This will give us an MVP for each game, rank all players throughout the season, give scheduling team a way to find the best players for any playoffs they set up, and find our best player to send to champs

This was our original task in here and what I feel that we have put out as our result was quite good

Simple) yes there are a lot of things to do but each independently are quite simple so that is a pass in my book

Reliable) with the system it is written in a way that there should be no discrepancies in it and if there are any they can be addressed in the upcoming days (post proposal)

Accurate) many ways to be ranked/earn points to contribute to the game that are directly related to the game play and their skill as player

Unbiased) since there are a lot of things to rank the players and all are universal (or have an equal counterpart) (dead/alive) (faction independence) etc

Apply to all games) Illuminati esk factions get the mafia guesses (town roles) and town success points (if no night kill for their faction). Cupid role may need to be considered (town player I guess)

MVP) highest point getter at the conclusion of the game.

Season ranking) points accumulation season long

Playoffs ) points (plain and simple.)

None of these points I believe that me missed or did not address.


  1. EricH
  2. JKBear331
  3. quin
  4. gellnick
  5. Goalkeeperboss
  6. Squirrel2412
  7. SergeantSpork5853
  8. 000peo
  9. Erickline
  10. bepwei
  11. Quack
  12. Hopelessdiamond
  13. Brandn03
  14. Oroamor
  15. DarthTabor
  16. MrMascot
  17. TheRealJamesOo


  1. Mika 1820
  2. NatshirtD
  3. ExplosivesLead2412
  • What is Forum Mafia?
    In case you missed the link at the top, here is a short guide from Mafia Universe describing the basics of Forum Mafia. In short, it is a variation of the party game Mafia (also known as Werewolf) that has been adapted to be played on forums.
  • What does _______ mean?
    There is a great glossary of various Mafia terms that may be used on the Mafia Universe Wiki 2.
  • I’m still confused.
    Feel free to ask any and all questions you may have!

Final notes:

The game will start promptly at 2019-09-23T15:00:00Z . Role cards will be/have been sent out in the 24 hours prior. You must role confirm in the first 12 hours in the game chat. Flavor will be added at start of game, and at the begining and end of each day.

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