FRC M10 Game Signups

Yes there is a tracker

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Oh, right, JOAT.

On the other hand, that one you only get one track and the rest are all causing OTHER mayhem. Full random selection is fine by me.

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Sign me up!

The quack is back!

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I’m tempted to make you Mafia Ninja Duck…
But I’ll let the randomizer decide.

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I feel somewhat attacked.

But yes, I promise I will not talk when dead
as long as the mods actually mod [breaks down into a coughing fit]

@gellnick could we get a list of items, too?

It was fine in m9, I asked you to help and you had permission

I don’t think we have to worry about the mods for this one.

That said, if you feel the need to talk while dead*, you’re UNdead and susceptible to the standard arsenal available for dealing with that sort of person–namely, stakes, silver bullets, and fire.

*without a moderator request, naturally–but the fact the moderators had to ask is kind of worrying.

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Should the need arise, feel free to stake my undead squirrel body.

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Well that was my fault, I have a 1 hr time limit on safari and after that it locks me out of it, so I didn’t anticipate the time commitment, which is why I ended up needing help because the other mods go to bed earlier. So that was my fault, however I did need the help. Needless to say I will not be signing up to mod again, even tho it was very fun

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Nah, we like you

Whoops. Yeah I’ll put that in in just a minute.

Here’s da list… May not be good formatting, I hate Android copy and paste…


Item descriptions:

  • Gun:

Kills targeted player

Result message(s):

You successfully killed (player).

You were unable to kill (player).

  • Bulletproof Vest:

Makes player immune to nightkills for one night.

Result message(s):

You used your Bulletproof Vest.

  • Smoke Bomb:

Reveals player’s alignment and role as well as providing immunity against a lynch.

Result message(s):

You used your Smoke Bomb.

  • Pouch of Gold:

Allows targeted player to have a vote counted as double

Result message(s):

Your vote has been counted as double.

  • Message:

User may send a message to targeted player.

Result message(s):

You successfully gave (player) your message.

You were unable to give (player) your message.

Target message(s):

You received a message saying (message).

  • Tripwire:

Detects and blocks any attempts to use an action on targeted player for a night. Targeted player will learn who attempted to visit them.

Result message(s):

You saw (player) trip your tripwire.

Target message(s):

“You were unable” message

  • Bait:

If used, that night Mafia must kill user, and user will learn who kills them. Anti-nightkill items or actions will block the nightkill.

Result message(s):

(Player) killed you.

(Player) tried to kill you.

  • Totem of Undying:

If player has this, the player cannot be killed. If a kill or vote out is attempted on the player, it will fail, but remove the item.

Result message(s):

You have used your Totem of Undying.

  • Fake Gun:

Gun, when used, will always kill the user

Result message(s):

You successfully killed yourself.

You were unable to kill yourself.

  • Fake Bulletproof Vest:

Does not protect against anything

Result message same as Bulletproof vest.

  • Fake Smoke Bomb:

Reveals player’s role and alignment, but does not provide any immunity.

Result message same as Smoke Bomb.

  • Fake Pouch of Gold:

Will cause the player’s vote to not be counted.

Result message same as Pouch of Gold.

  • Fake Bait:

When used, Mafia will kill the user. Anti-Nightkill actions and items will still block it.

Result message(s):


Just mod with someone on the best coast (Me or birdalliance)


Could you put the list in the OP?

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done. it is just below the roles

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I reformatted the item list in the OP; hopefully it’s more viewer-friendly now.

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ok, cool thanks!

Is this irl day or in game day?

Do you mean “…any player that has a majority vote…”?

In game day most likely (not positive)

yes lol